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The 457 RLi Autowatch car alarm is a simple to use system installed in non-CanBUS vehicles. It is Thatcham and Insurance approved ideal for cars, vans and leisure vehicles. The 457 has a host of features and comes with two 4-button remotes.

Autowatch 457RLi supplied and fitted for £499* (see notes below)

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What is a Thatcham Device?

Autowatch Remote 457RLiA Thatcham device is a car security system that has been submitted to Thatcham for compliance testing. Thatcham Research centre is a Government backed body that regulates safety and security of vehicles, e.g. giving a Whiplash evaluation and how easy it is to steal new vehicles. Aftermarket systems can also be submitted to Thatcham, and once approved they are given Thatcham Approval. Car alarms are given Cat 1 status and can be used when an Insurance company specifies a Category 1 device.

Autowatch 457 RLi Features

 457 RLi Remote Control Functions

This is a versatile, easy to use system with two 4-button remotes. The table shows how combinations of remote button presses can easily access extra functions.


Autowatch RLi 475 Remote Control Functions

Button 1

Arm system (lock doors if connected) Siren chirps and indicator flash

Autowatch remote functions

Button 2

Disarm system (unlock doors if connected) Siren chirps and indicator flash

3 then 1

Silent Arm (lock doors if connected) Indicator flash

3 then 2

Silent Disarm (unlock doors if connected) Indicator flash

1 then 1 (within two seconds)

Interior Sensor Bypass - 'Pet Mode' - Siren chirps

1 then 3 (within two seconds)

Wireless Sensor Bypass - Ideal for Motorhome Habitation Door Use - Siren chirps

Either 3 or 4 for three seconds

Panic mode (sound alarm without doors locking)

4 then 4

Boot release (Optional extra feature and can depend on the car) will open boot if alarm has been disarmed. If still armed then isolates boot (you can open it without alarm going off) until boot is closed, when becomes active part of alarm again.

1 press and hold until chirps

Window Closure (Optional extra feature and can depend on the car)


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More Information:

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This information shows how to customers can use the ignition switch when programming a new remote to the car alarm.

Download the Autowatch 457 RLi owner's manual.


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* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge for certain vehicles.

We can fit the 457 RLi Autowatch car alarm in Fareham for Basingstoke, Winchester, New Forest, Horsham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Worthing, Petersfield, West Sussex and Hampshire customers.