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Car alarms removal service

Car Alarm Removal Service

We provide a car alarm removal service for faulty devices or systems with missing remotes and / or pin codes.

Car alarm removal cost from £199

Broken or Lost Car Alarm Remotes

For some customers who have broken or lost their car alarm remote then a new one can possibly be added.

New remotes may only be available for newer systems, so if your alarm was installed more than ten years ago, or the alarm manufacturer is no longer around, then it is unlikely we will be able to source a new remote. Please be aware that we only supply genuine products from authorised distributers.

Assuming a new remote is available the next requirement is that you must be in possession of the car alarm pin code. Most customers find that this information is stored with the wallet containing the cars information, which is transferred to new owners when a car is sold.

The pin code allows new remotes to be programmed to the car. We can provide instructions on how to do this when you buy a new remote from us, as generally procedures are different depending on the alarm manufacturer and also the model installed. If you require us to programme in your new remote, this is possible, however customers should expect to pay our minimum call-out fee, as we are a mobile installation company.

Vehicle Alarm Pin Codes

Unfortunately, there is no database storage of vehicle alarm pin codes. Manufacturers are not required to do this, and it would realistically be a security risk for car owners. Customers should therefore come to the conclusion that if the code is not with the car paperwork then the pin code cannot be retrieved. This is also the case should a previous owner have changed the manufacturer's pin and not updated the paperwork.

How to Disconnect the Car Alarm Siren

We often have inquiries asking us, 'how to disconnect the car alarm siren'. Customers need to understand that if it were that simple then the concept of a car security would be pointless. Sirens are deliberately difficult to get to, and they also have their own battery backup, which allows them to continue to wail even if the car battery is disconnected.

disabling aftermarket car alarm systemIt is also important to understand that part of the security of an aftermarket alarm, is that each one is installed differently, depending on the person installing it. Generally, some installers are better than others, all our alarms are fitted to the highest of standards and this means that wiring is made to look like it was installed at manufacture and therefore more difficult to locate and make good.

How Much to Uninstall A Car Alarm?

Our prices are competetive and we can uninstall a car alarm from our base in Fareham. We ensure that all cables are removed and all wiring is made good, as dangling wires could interfere with other electronic systems in the vehicle, and in extreme circumstances could cause wiring to catch alight. Should customers have a car that is immobilised and have no alternative but for us to come to them, then we may be able to offer a limited call out service under these circumstances. Customers should be aware that this will involve us 'squeezing you in' when possible and this will also incur a call-out fee.


Alternative products:

Viper 3102v vehicle security system (non-Thatcham).

Thatcham Cat 1 car alarm system for Insurance.

Thatcham Category 2 Immobiliser for minimum UK insurance compliance.


We can provide car alarm removal near Fareham for Chichester, Portsmouth, Havant, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, Emsworth, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Worthing, Lancing, Shoreham-by-Sea and West Sussex customers.