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GPS Self vehicle tracking

GSM Self Vehicle Tracking System

This is a GSM self-vehicle tracking system with no subscription fees and possible alarm trigger reporting by text. Customers provide their own SIM card and keep it topped up for an old style pager type system.

Self Vehilce Tracking system supplied and fitted for £299* (Customers supply their own sim card with credit)

GSM Pager Car Tracking System

This system acts at a GSM pager car tracking system using text messaging as a two-way pager. Customers supply their own SIM card to enable them to send text queries to the system and receive responses, again by text.

The SIM is placed inside the system before fitting and cannot be changed or retrieved without locating the device buried in the vehicle. It is therefore a fit and forget box that relies on the customer ensuring the SIM is suitably topped up and still activated, so that it is ready to send and receive in the event of a theft.

Self-vehicle tracking is best suited to be linked to a car alarm system. For this to work the car alarm needs to be a compatible device with a GSM pager output, and we can advise you on the best systems available, or if your current alarm is suitable. If the system is connected to an alarm, then customers will automatically receive a text alert if the alarm is triggered.

In the event of a theft the customer pings the system with a text and the device sends back it’s current GPS coordinates. If the car is moving, then the customer will have to do this multiple times to track the progress of the vehicle and to liaise with the Police.

Self-Monitored Vehicle Tracking

With self-monitored vehicle tracking the customer is in total control of their system. It is not tracked by a monitoring centre and the customer does not need to pay an ongoing subscription fee. It is the customer’s responsibility to know if the car has been stolen, to react to any alarm text alerts and to commence tracking in the event of a theft. Self-tracking systems are therefore not Thatcham approved and cannot be used for Insurance purposes.

This system can be ideal for cherish, and rarely driven cars where customers are looking to keep costs to a minimum and are capable of being responsible themselves for monitoring and tracking in the event of theft.


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We can supply and fit your GSM pager and self-monitored vehicle tracking system Fareham for Southampton, Gosport, Poole, Winchester, Woking, Alton, Liphook, Worthing, Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Guildford, Bordon, Hampshire, West Sussex, Bognor Regis to New Forest customers.