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Meta trak 6 with phone App

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We can install your Meta S7 tracker Portsmouth, Hampshire, Basingstoke, Worthing and West Sussex areas. This sytem comes with a free downloadable App with first years subscrition included in the fitting price.

Meta Trak 6 fitted for £399 (including 1 year monitoring subscription, or £549 including 3 years subscription)

GPS Tracking Vehicle Device

Meta trak 6 shieldThis is a GPS tracking vehicle device and is a Thatcham Approved Category S7 system for insurance purposes. Meta devices benefit from low annual subscription currently at £99.95 for one year or £249.95 for three years, however our fitting price includes one year of monitoring, and we also provide fitting plus three-year subscription for £549.

If the vehicle is moved without the engine running the Secure Operating Centre (SOC) will contact the owner to verify the status of the vehicle. Once this has taken place the SOC then inform the police that the vehicle has been stolen. A similar process is followed if the vehicle battery is disconnected. The system also benefits from a 'transport mode' (ideal for going on a ferry) achieved via the App or web portal. This must be returned to 'active' by the customer before driving.

Meta have invested in a downloadable App that allows customers to manage their asset, and see GPS live tracking. The 'multivehicle' tab allows customers to switch vehicle by using a 'select tracker' button.

There is also the ability to set a Geo-Fence (safe zone that car cannot go outside without sending a notification). This is achieved by firstly locating your vehicle on the computer screen and then clicking on the map around the asset to create a closed loop.

One useful function of the Meta is the ability to tag this system to an after-market vehicle alarm with pager output, allowing customers to receive and alert should the alarm be triggered. With Meta Trak, customers receive a notification via text directly, without the need to go through the monitoring centre. The function performs like a pager and is ideal for customers looking to have the system installed at the same time as a vehicle alarm. If an alarm is already fitted, then this is still possible but there is an extra fitting time cost, and we also ask that the alarm is suitable and fitted to a high standard.

Meta Trak 6 Features:

Most of the Meta Trak 6 features are available through the downloadable App but this system also comes with a Web portal and login account.



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We can fit the Meta Track Cat S7 tracker Winchester, Basingstoke, Chichester, Bognor Regis, Worthing, Arundel, Petworth, West Sussex, Emsworth, Waterlooville, Rolands Castle, Petersfield, Bishops Waltham, Eastleigh, Poole, New Forest and Hampshire areas.