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Motorhome Security Deals

We provide motorhome security deals for customers having an alarm and tracker fitted at the same time. Generally this is a £50 reduction given because it takes slightly less time to fit these devices at the same time than if installed separately.

For this deal we offer two alarm choices and two tracker choices. The alarm system is decided by the age of the vehicle and the tracker is usually decided by car Insurance requirements.

Motorhome Alarm and Tracker

The most common choice for customers with newer vans is an S5 VTS with an 695 Upgrade alarm system. This is a level 2 tracker designated by Thatcham as a Category S5 VTS Vehicle Tracking System targeting against all forms of van theft. The upgrade alarm is a Thatcham Approved Category 1 alarm system.

We provide the same tracker with the Autowatch 457 RLi Category 1 alarm for older vans without CANBus wiring. This will effectively give the same end result as the 695 – the alarm chosen depends on the van.

For customers after a minimum grade tracker we offer the S7 ALS with 695 upgrade alarm or the S7 ALS with 457 alarm system. These are level 1 trackers giving protection against lifting and towing but may require the customer informing the monitoring company if modern forms of theft occur.

All these tracker systems require a monitoring subscription to remain Thatcham and Insurance Approved. However, the alarms require no further subscription and are robust fit-and-forget devices.


More Information:

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Alternative products:

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