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Motorhome Tracking S5 VTS Plus means the tracker is fitted with immobilisation. Monitoring Station signal will stop the vehicle from restarting while being tracked. Comes with unique tag that must be present when moving, protecting against all types of theft.

Scorpiontrack S5 VTS Plus supplied and installed from £650 (Plus monitoring fee).


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Thatcham S5 VTS Plus

This system is a Thatcham S5 VTS Plus for car Insurance compliance. The vehicle standards organisation based near Thatcham test vehicles and products against benchmark standards. This means that all Thatcham Approved trackers have been rigorously tested and once passed can be used for UK car Insurance purposes.

This product is the highest level of vehicle tracking system. The Plus indicates that the system is fitted with immobilisation. Here the car can be stopped from restarting should the vehicle be designated stolen by the Monitoring Station but also the vehicle will deadlock after a pre-determined number of minutes.

Unique Tag

Scorpiontrack tagThe ScopionTrack S5 Plus uses a unique tag. This tag is a called a ADR Automatic Driver Recognition device that must be present when the vehicle is in motion. Without the tag a vehicle alert is created at the Monitoring Station, and this means that firstly the centre will phone the registered driver to determine the status of the vehicle, and secondly automatically commence tracking if the car is determined as stolen.

This tag comes with all Category S5 trackers and combats relay theft, key cloning and OBD port theft. Thieves will not know the car needs it when being driven to prevent an automatic alert to the Monitoring Station.

The ADR tag style varies between different manufacturers. This tag benefits from a well-designed, integrated metal loop, for securing to your keys.

ScorpionTrack Tracking Systems

ScorpionTrack tracking systems benefit from GPS live tracking available through a login portal with a unique password account given directly from Scorpion. Here customers can access journey reports, location and status updates.

There is also a free downloadable App allowing customers to use the mapping on their phones to give GPS live tracking and real time data relating to their vehicle.

These features also allow these trackers to be used as simple fleet management systems.

Tracker Monitoring Subscription Fees

Scorpion offer some of the best priced monitoring fees amongst the car tracker brands. They can do this because they are a UK based manufacturer and keep as much of the production and ongoing costs within the UK.

The current monitoring fee for a Category S5 Scorpion tracker is:

*Please note these subscription prices are correct at time of writing and may increase slightly with inflation.

See price comparison chart in the links at the bottom of the page.

Robust Tracking System

Scorpiontrack logoThis is a robust tracking system designed to last. Customers can transfer this device to a new van on upgrade without loosing any subscription already paid.

Please note that the device will still incur a charge to take the system out and make good wiring, as well as a new installation cost from us.

ScorpionTrack S5 VTS Plus Details:


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