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zero percent interest availableThe Pandora Light Pro is a high-quality car alarm system with it’s own two-way LCD remote control. The remote is easy to use and gives many basic and advanced options by a combination of button presses for one, two and three seconds.

Pandora Light Pro supplied and fitted from £749* (Please see notes below)

Now the Pandora Light Pro is a Thatcham Category 1 Alarm and Immobiliser for UK Insurance approval.

Pandora Light Pro + engine remote from £1149 to £1249 (depending on car)*

(Additional cost for Anti-Hijack however this is not Thatcham approved)

Pandora Remote Fob

The Pandora remote fob remote shows status of the vehicle and alarm functions, acting as a 2-way pager alarm (all depending on vehicle). With a compatible car the remote can show car battery voltage, interior temperature, engine temperature and fuel level. The display also shows the current time, the remote battery level and whether the Pandora alarm is armed or disarmed lock symbol.

There is also a 'Car Search' function accessed by pressing the lock button with a short press while the car is already armed. This will cause the siren to sound and indicators to flash 5 times and allows the vehicle to be more easily located in a car park. The feature can also be achieved without siren noise by pressing the lock button for more than 1 second.

To access the PANIC mode the lock and unlock on the remote control can be pressed together with a short press. This will set off the alarm and cause a distraction for the person holding the remote.

The Pandora D-010 two-way remote control is included in this alarm package and the basic functions are shown in the table below.

Pandora D-010 Remote Control Basic Functions:

Pandora lock button (short press)
Arm vehicle 1 Beep 1 Indicator flash (Remote plays arming ringtone)
Pandora lock button (1 second)
Silent arming with 1 Indicator flash (Remote plays arming ringtone)
Pandora unlock button (short press)
Disarm vehicle 2 Beeps 2 Indicator flashes (Remote plays disarming ringtone)
Pandora unlock button (1 second)
Silent disarming with 2 Indicator flashes (Remote plays disarming ringtone)
Pandora lock button + unlock button
PANIC mode
Pandora function button (short press)
Illuminate LCD display on remote
Pandora function button (1 second)
Unlock boot (it fitted)
Pandora function button (3 seconds)
Turn off LCD display on remote
Pandora lock button (short press already armed)
Car Search function


Pandora Valet Mode

For the engine remote start function to work this must have been set up and activated at the time of the Pandora system installation. This cannot be accessed by advanced menu operation and requires the installer to activate the function. Engine remotes start also requires a compatible car – please contact us for more details on your make and model of vehicle.

With the vehicle disarmed and ignition on, the valet mode can be accessed by pushing the lock button for 2 seconds. Once in valet mode the advanced menus can be scrolled via the remote control by repeated short presses of the function button. To return from the advanced menu mode the function button is pressed for 1 second, this returns the system to valet mode. Valet mode is exited by pressing the unlock button for 3 seconds.

Valet mode can also be activated via the dedicated valet button please see link below.

A nice feature of this remote is that each second of pressing a button is acknowledged by giving a short beep. This means that as you hold down a button the beeps will signal at 1 second intervals until you lift your finger, telling you how many seconds you have pressed.

Some of the additional remote functions are listed in the table below.

Remote Control Additional Functions:

Pandora lock button (2 seconds)
With alarm disabled and ignition ON > Ignition maintenance mode (Valet Mode)
Pandora lock button (3 seconds)
Remote engine start (if fitted)
Pandora unlock button (3 seconds)
With alarm disabled and ignition ON > Ignition maintenance mode off
Pandora function button (2 seconds)
AUX output (e.g. window closures if fitted)
Pandora lock button + Pandora function button (short press)
Arm when engine is running (30 sec + sound notification)
Pandora lock button + Pandora function button (1 second)
Arm when engine is running (30 sec without sound notification)


This alarm system can also be used with the Pandora BT App for remote control via your phone, please see the Pandora Mini BT link for more information and to understand the limitations of certain phones.

Pandora Eye Pro Upgrade

This system can be upgraded to a full GPS tracking system with the Pandora Eye Pro. This device makes the Light Pro resemble the Pandora Elite car alarm system. Receive App alerts and text alerts and access full control through a dedicated login screen. Once you approach your vehicle the Bluetooth standard App will be automatically switched to, giving ease of use.


Please contact us to make an appointment.


More Information:

See how this device can be used as an Engine Remote Start Car Alarm on our youtube channel.

See the Pandora Mini BT with information about the BT App.

Details on how to enter a code on a Pandora Valet Button or Switch.


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Alternative Products:

Read about the Pandora Elite with full alarm features.


* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge for certain vehicles.


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