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The Pandora Storm Immobiliser is ideal for keyless entry and only you know it is fitted. This system is now a full Thatcham Approved Category 2 Electronic Immobiliser and is fully upgradable to an Insurance and Thatcham Approved Category 1 Alarm and Immobiliser.

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Driver Tag

Pandora driver tagsThis system comes with a slimline driver tag.

This tag needs to be present when driving the vehicle and means no codes need to be inputted. Only you will know it is fitted. Should your keys be cloned or the vehicle be subjected to relay theft, then the immobiliser will prevent the vehicle from starting.

Now Thatcham Approved

Pandora Storm Car Immobiliser ImageThis device is now Thatcham approved and is a Cat 2 Immobiliser. The Storm has now been submitted to Thatcham for assessment and therefore can be used for Insurance purposes.

The system can also be upgraded to a full Cat 1 Alarm and Immobiliser if this is needed.

If customers know at the time of installation that they are likely to upgrade, it is usually worth having a full Cat 1 fitted instead. This will always work out to be a less expensive alarm system as the price starts to increase with each upgrade. We can also provide an easy payment scheme where customers pay 4 equal instalments over 4 months. Please ask at booking for this option.

Is Pandora Better than a Ghost

The Pandora Storm can be started immediately with no code input before driving and is now a Category 2 for Insurance. The Ghost does not require a tag to be carried and customers need to wait for the two flashes before starting.

Low Power Consumption

This immobiliser consumes very little energy and has one of the best power draws of any security system available. This can as little as 8 mA, reducing further once the system enters 'intelligent sleep mode' after 24 hours of non-activity. The device is therefore more suitable for vehicles that are used occasionally where the car battery is not continually charged by regular use. Customers should note that although the current draw is low, this will still have an impact over longer time periods and to avoid unnecessary problems the car should still be driven at regular intervals.

Storm Car Immobiliser

Storm Features:

The time taken to install the Storm immobiliser can vary from car to car. However, customers should expect to leave the vehicle with us for over 4 hours. Please find details of things to do while waiting on our contact us page or use our dedicated waiting area.


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We can provide the Pandora Storm Immobiliser fitted near Fareham for Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Surry, Kent, and Berkshire customers.