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Scorpion track

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Scorpion stolen vehicle tracking is an excellent UK designed system, suitable for cars, vans, leisure or plant vehicles. This is a Thatcham Approved Cat S7 device suitable for insurance approval.

Scorpion Track fitted £299 (Annual monitoring fee £130 per year, £390 for 5 years).

We are main dealers for scorpion with mobile installation for West Sussex, Midhurst, Basingstoke, Lyndhurst, Portsmouth and Hampshire areas.

Scorpion Track Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Scorpion track loginScorpion Track real time vehicle tracking protects against unauthorised movement or your vehicle. This means that should your device sense that the vehicle has been moved, towed or stolen a signal will be sent to your nominated device. See video below.

This is a rigorously tested Thatcham approved Category S7 system suitable for insurance purposes and for this system to maintain its Thatcham approval it requires independent monitoring by a secure control centre. The centre monitors your tracker 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, ensuring that someone is always watching.

Once it has been established that the vehicle has been stolen the Secure Monitoring Centre will liaise with police to track the movement of the vehicle. Please note recovery costs are paid by the customer with expenses usually recovered from your insurance company.

Basic subscription includes a login account that can be accessed from any online device with no need to download software. This contains the ability to see the most recent information on your device. The web-based software has proven itself to be reliable and robust, for anyone with internet connection.

Scorpion App map on phoneThere is also an App that can be downloaded that is compatible with Apple or Android products like phones or tablets. The real-time vehicle tracking allows your asset to be seen from any location, and will only be limited by your phone's capacity to find a network.

Customers can choose from a number of reduced rate payment options, for the ongoing monitoring cost, and are ideal if customers know the length of time they will own the car. For Cat S7 these are:

*Please note these subsription prices are correct at time of writing and may increase slightly with inflation.


We can provide this Scorpion Track vehicle GPS tracking system for West Sussex, Midhurst, Basingstoke, Lyndhurst, Portsmouth and Hampshire areas.


Scorpion track promotional video.

Scorpion Auto BBC One Thief trackers interview for a bike retrieved with a tracker.


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