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Scorpion Track S5 VTS

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The Scorpiontrack S5 VTS Immobiliser is a Thatcham Insurance Category S5 tracker with the ability for remote immobilisation from the control centre and deadlock immobilisation. This is the highest specification car tracking device specifically for high value or cherish vehicles.

Scorpiontrack S5 VTS Plus with Immobilisation £650 (Plus monitoring fee)

Thatcham Insurance Cat S5 Tracker

This is a Thatcham Insurance Cat S5 tracker with additional fitting to ensure that the vehicle can be immobilised directly from the control centre. This means it is possible for the control centre to stop the vehicle from starting even with an ADR tag inside the car.

The Scorpiontrack S5 Plus is the highest level of tracker and ideal for high value, cherish vehicles or cars in storage. It also benefits from every time stop immobilisation, once the car has been inactive for a set number of minutes.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Scorpiontrack tagThatcham have reorganised their vehicle tracking systems and the old Cat 5 is now equivalent to the Category S5 Plus. This standard along with the regular Cat S5 both use ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) tags that must be present to drive. Without these tags an automatic alert is created at the Monitoring Station starting a set of procedures to track and recover the car if determined to be stolen.  

The immobiliser version of the standard adds an additional level of security for cars that are not easily replaced.

If your Insurance company has asked for a Cat S5 then this type of system has become associated with your vehicle make and model. We recommend customers check with their Insurance company which level of tracker they require.

Monitoring Fees for Scorpion Trackers

Scorpion offer some of the cheapest monitoring fees amongst the car tracker brands. They can do this because they are a UK based manufacturer and keep as much of the production and ongoing costs within the UK.

The current monitoring fee for a Category S5 Scorpion tracker is:

*Please note these subscription prices are correct at time of writing and may increase slightly with inflation.

Scorpion offer a free transfer of subscription service allowing your device to be transferred to another vehicle on car upgrade. Customers still need to pay for us to install the system into a new vehicle, but the overall price can be a fraction of the total cost of a new system with new annual subscription.

Scorpiontrack S5 Plus Details:


More Information:

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