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Scorpion Track S5 VTS

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The Scorpiontrack S5 VTS (Vehicle Tracking Systems) is a Thatcham Approved Category S5 for Insurance with great deals on subscription. This system is suitable for cars, vans, motorhomes and cherish vehicles.

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Scorpiontrack S5 VTS supplied and installed from £450 (Plus monitoring fee)

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ScorpionTrack App

ScorpionTrack App on phoneDownload the ScorpionTrack App from the Apple or Android store and view your vehicle location and journey history.

This gives simple updates on the car's location and updates every few seconds. Although not as frequent as a self management tracker this is a nice feature to have.

Car Insurance Trackers

Car insurance trackers are designed to provide car tracking to Thatcham Approved standards. This system comes with ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) tags and one of the updated difference of Thatcham Category 5 to Thatcham Cat S5 is that now these tags are allowed to have ring holes, and can be carried on the same key ring as the car keys. If the car is driven without the ADR tag then an alert is sent to the monitoring station.

ADR tags are primarily designed to protect against relay theft, key cloning and OBD theft as the unique tag must be present when driving the vehicle. The tags also protect the car from being towed away or loaded onto a transporter lorry. This is because it would trigger an alert at the control centre signalling that the vehicle location has changed without the tag being present.

Scorpion ADR Tag

Scorpiontrack ADR tag against pen for sizeThese tags are different from different device manufacturers. The Scorpion ADR tag is a teardrop shape with a substantial metal loop for attaching to car keys. It measures 51 x 35 x 12mm with scorpion logos on the front and back. These tags are usually smaller than your car keys.

The fob takes a CR450 battery, the same type often used in BMW keys. This is expected to last around 2 years before needing to be replaced. To do this simply prize open the plastic coating before inserting a new battery. Further details of this are available on the System User Guide from Scorpion.

Lost or damaged tags can be locked out from the system by arrangement with us. For this to be done all tags will need to be present for the reset. Here we can also provide a new tag if necessary.

Scorpiontrack also provide a card the size of a credit card for you to carry in your purse or wallet. This handy reminder has emergency numbers and information numbers for web details and general enquiries.

How ADR Tags Combat Relay Theft

Relay theft is on the increase with cars being stolen easily and very quicky from driveways. This type of theft uses the keyless entry system of modern cars to read the key signals and obtain entry.

The ADR tag does not form part of the car system and therefore, although not preventing the vehicle from being taken, Vehicle Tracking Systems will mean an immediate alert is sent to the monitoring station informing that the tracker tag is not present.

GPS Live Tracking for Vehicles

Scorpion 5 tracker loginScorpion provide GPS live tracking for vehicles using their monitoring subscription. This is possible through a login portal for detailed access to features such as journey reports, mileage reports, vehicle location and status updates. There is also a free downloadable App allowing customers to use the mapping on their phones to give GPS live tracking and real time data relating to their vehicle.

Scorpion 5 Tracker Subscription

Each Scorpion 5 tracker requires a subscription and customers can either pay £14.50 a month or benefit from discounts for annual or multi year options. Scorpion also allow a free subscription transfer to your new car and expect their robust system to be used again and again as customers upgrade vehicles. This still requires a new installation fee, from us, but if you have paid for multiple years monitoring fee then this will not be a lost.

For Cat S5 the monitoring fee is:

*Please note these subscription prices are correct at time of writing and may increase slightly with inflation.

Scorpion will also allow any subscription already paid for to be transferred to a new owner, should you decide to leave the tracker in the vehicle when selling the car. (Correct as of writing and may change in the future). This can all be done online under a 'sold my vehicle' section of your login screen.

What is a Car Tracker For Insurance?

logo Made in BritainAn Insurance Tracker is a Thatcham approved device. It has been rigorously tested by the Motor Industry Research Centre based near Thatcham which is a Government backed body. Once Thatcham Approved systems can be used to comply with UK car insurance company requirements.

Scorpiontrack S5 VTS Listed Details:


More Information:

Access the Scorpiontrack Driver login screen.

Read our FAQ on vehicle tracking systems and their different Thatcham classifications.

See our comparison chart for Vehicle Tracking Systems subscription costs.


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