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Scorpiontrack S7 ALS stands for Asset Location System. This is an Insurance Approved Category S7 with low subscription and pay monthly options. This device is suitable for cars and vans, leisure or plant. There is a free login account and downloadable App.

Scorpiontrack S7 ALS fitted £299 (Annual monitoring fee £109 per year, £369 for 5 years).

We are main dealers for Scorpion with installation near Fareham for Hampshire, West Sussex, Surry and Wilts and Dorset customers.

Scorpiontrack Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Scorpiontrack real time vehicle tracking protects against unauthorised movement or your vehicle. This means that should your device sense that the vehicle has been moved or towed a signal will be sent to the Monitoring Station.  

This is a rigorously tested Thatcham approved Category S7 system suitable for insurance purposes and for this system to maintain its Thatcham approval it requires independent monitoring by a secure Monitoring Station. The station monitors your device 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, ensuring that someone is always watching.

Once it has been established that the vehicle has been stolen the Secure Monitoring Centre will liaise with police to track the movement of the vehicle. Each Monitoring Station has procedures in place to deal with different scenarios ensuring efficient theft recovery procedures take place.

Scorpion Monitoring Costs

The Scorpiontrack S7 benefits from low monitoring subscription costs. Customers can choose from a number of payment options, including pay monthly to a five year option. There is not a 'Duration' choice, as with the Smartrack equivalent device, however the five year option is similarly priced to competitor's three year choices.

For Category S7 these are:

*Please note these subsription prices are correct at time of writing and may increase slightly with inflation.

See a comparison chart for subscription costs at the end of the page.

Login Account

Scorpion track loginBasic subscription includes a login account that can be accessed from any online device with no need to download software. This contains the ability to see the most recent details about your device.

The live dashboard gives journey history and asset location. Here create customisable graphs of data related to your vehicle.

There are also multivehicle options to see more than one car at a time. This allows the customers to use the devices as a simple fleet monitoring system.

The web-based software has proven itself to be reliable and robust, for anyone with internet connection.

Scorpiontrack Free App

Scorpion App map on phoneScorpion track have also provided a free App available through your phone’s play store or App store. The real-time vehicle tracking allows your asset to be seen from any location, and will only be limited by your phone's capacity to find a network.

Here customers can set geofence perimeters with alerts for in and out of area.

There are also options for turning off and on alerts. Allowing the tracker to be temporarily disabled for servicing, transportation or ferry travel.

Scorpiontrack S7 Features:

Protection from Lifting and Towing

The scorpiontrack S7 is an ALS system giving protection against lifting and towing. This means that for more advanced thefts the customer may need to inform the Monitoring Station that a theft has occurred. This is a Level 1 system and for those requiring a Scorpiontrack S5 VTS (Level 2) or Scorpiontrack S5 VTS Plus (Level 3) please see the links below.


More Information:

Compare yearly costs with our Category S7 ALS subscription costs comparison table.


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We can install you Scorpiontrack S7 ALS in Fareham for Bournemouth, Poole, Ringwood, Brockenhurst, New Forest, Salisbury, Bath, Reading, Guildford, Godalming, Hindhead, Liphook, Petersfield, Hampshire, West Sussex, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, Surry and the Isle of Wight Customers.