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Smartrack Cat S5 Plus tracker

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SmarTrack S5 Plus are Cat 5 car trackers ideal for Insurance approval. They provide the highest level of tracking system with SmarTrack DRS driver ID tags and the possibility for remote immobilisation, from the monitoring station.

SmarTrack Category 5 plus supplied and fitted for £699 (Plus monitoring fee)

Thatcham Approved Trackers

These are Thatcham Approved Trackers and use Driver Recognition System DRS tags to send an alert to the monitoring station should the vehicle be moved without one present. This is SmarTrack's way of saying Thatcham's ADR Automatic Driver Recognition and are exactly the same system. SmarTrack have been calling their device DRS since vehicle tracking began, whereas Thatcham have developed the term for their new Cat S5 certification changed from the old Cat 5 in 2018.

DRS tags will not prevent a vehicle from being stolen but they target relay theft providing an automatic alert to the monitoring station as soon as the vehicle is taken.

As well as being a full Insurance approved Category 5 car tracker the SmarTrack SS Plus systems also adds an additional level of security by allowing the vehicle to be remotely immobilised from the control monitoring station. This is the highest level of vehicle tracking ideal for high value, cherish, motorhomes, company cars, plant vehicles, as well as vehicle makes that are a target for theft, such as Range Rover and BMW.

Now that the Thatcham Cat 5 certification has been split into two categories the Cat S5 and the Cat S5 immobiliser (plus), customers need to confirm with their insurance company which level of tracker is required. In some cases, this will mean that the lower cost S5 is sufficient, but it may also mean that the immobiliser version (this one) is the only device that ensures customers are fully insured.

SmarTrack Cat S5 Vehicle Tracking Features:

The current SmarTrack Cat S5 vehicle tracking subscription monitoring fee is £199 per vehicle, per year. Smartrack are the only company to offer a 'Duration' fee of £599 (currently a special offer reduced by £100) and as long as the vehicle owner or car does not change then the customers never pays again for monitoring. For those who wish to budget SmarTrack also offer an on-going monthly subscription fee of £16.99 per month.

Smartrack S5 Plus Features:


Read more on classifications from our Thatcham Cat 5 FAQ page.

See YouTube video on how relay theft works and recommendations from the Police.


Alternative products:

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This product is suitable for all types of vehicle including motorhomes, cherish cars, Plant and company cars. We can fit this system as a BMW, Land Rover and Range Rover Cat 5 car tracker Chichester, Worthing, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Emsworth, Lancing, Portsmouth, Havant, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, Lancing, Shoreham-by-Sea and West Sussex areas.