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Viper 5304v in box

Viper 5304v Two-Way Car Alarm

0% FinanceThe Viper 5304v is a two-way car alarm capable of sending and receiving commands to and from your vehicle via the LCD remote. This system incorporates all the features of the Viper 5104v and 5204v with a full screen of information in your hand.

5304v car security fitted from £999* (see notes below)

Pager Remote Car Alarm

This system is similar to a pager remote car alarm with all alarm triggers being sent to the LCD screen. So long as the vehicle is within a distance, the screen on the remote control will show information about the alarm and vehicle status. The range on these devices is excellent, but customers should be aware that the ability to communicate is affected by obstacles such as buildings and electronic interference, and that we in the UK have many more obstacles than in the US.

Viper premium authorised dealer UKAs this system is all about the hand held remote, a function list is given in the table below. The Viper 5304v comes with one LCD remote and one basic one-way remote. Realistically the back-up remote will allow the alarm to function with the same security but will not give vehicle details, and customers should expect to source a new remote if the LCD one becomes lost or broken. The back-up remote also allows the system to be disabled to programme in a new remote.

This device is also SmartStart compatible should customers also opt to have this system installed at the same time.

Although the 5304v is an excellent security device it is not and insurance approved product. Thatcham does not recognise remote start systems and therefore this system is unlikely to gain insurance discounts.

Viper 5304v Remote Control Functions

The Viper 5304v is all about the LCD two-way remote. There are two main buttons on the front and three buttons on the side, allowing the function press to give levels one, two and three, by repeated presses. The current level is shown in the text field at the bottom of the LCD screen.

Viper 5304v LCD Remote Control Functions

Armed: System is Armed, alarm is enabled
Viper 5304v LCD remote functions
lock in valet
Locked: System is Locked in Valet, alarm is disabled
Disarmed: System is Disarmed, alarm is disabled
Diarmed in valet
Unlocked: System is Unlocked in Valet, alarm is disabled
siren disabled
Siren disabled for sensor triggers (sensor Silent Arm)
Siren disabled all triggers
Siren is disabled for all triggers (full Silent Arm)
Reote start
Remote Start is active, engine is running
timer remote start
Timer Remote Start is active
Smart start is on
SmartStart is on
Manual start
Manual transmission - the engine can be started
Vehicle interior temperature
Defogger on
Defogger on
warn away on
On during Warn Away and full trigger output
Aux/Boot activation (if fitted)
boot open
Boot open therefore bypassed when arming
On during a sensor zone full trigger output
sensor bypassed
On indicates a sensor is active and bypassed when arming
door trigger
On during door zone full trigger output
door trigger bypassed
On indicates a door is open and bypassed when arming
On during bonnet zone full trigger output
bonnet trigger bypass
On indicates the bonnet is open and bypassed when arming
battery level
Battery level
You are transmitting to the vehicle
You are receiving from the vehicle
Out of range
Out of range from vehicle
remote is listening
Pager on - remote is listening for messages
remote not listening
Pager off - remote will not wake up to listen for messages
remote vibrates
Remote vibrates when messages received
remote beeps
Remote Beeps and Tones when messages received
Text Field
Clock, Runtime, Temperature, Level indicator etc


* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge as some vehicles require extra time for fitting e.g. Nissan Elgrand adds £80 to any alarm system, built motorhomes may need extra installation time, door motor fitting is charged extra on a per door basis, and transponder bypass modules will cost extra.


See a closer look at the remote itself in this You Tube video on how to pair the Viper 7351v LCD pager remote.


Alternative products:

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View the 5104v Viper Car Alarm ideal for customers expecting the use Clifford Smartstart from installation.


We can fit your Viper 5304v pager alarm with remote start near Fareham for Guildford, Woking, Hampshire, Andover, Basingstoke, Winchester, Southampton, Bournemouth, Farnham, Aldershot, Farnborough, Hindhead, Liss, Horsham, Midhurst, Chichester and West Sussex customers.