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We have been fitting aftermarket electrical systems since the year 2000 and have seen vehicles become more complicated and diverse in that time. Customers will find that the type of alarm for their car is dictated by their vehicle make and model and will also depend on if the device is required for insurance.

By getting in contact with us we can advise you on the most suitable system for your car whether that be CANBus or non-CANBus, or else a Thatcham Approved Cat 1 alarm or non-insurance product.

Pandora alarms come with the latest technology, designed to work with modern car systems and provide for new complex systems but also for varied customer requirements. This is achieved through a logical interface accessed through a web browser to turn functions on and off and create complex event structures that may be unique to the customer. Most Pandora car alarms are capable of engine remote start and this is at extra cost.

We also provide remote central locking fitted to turn your key central locking system into a push from a hand-held remote control device, as well as a car alarm removal service and make good.

Why does my car alarm keep going off?

If the car alarm keeps going off this can be because the car battery is low or needs replacing. You can get the level checked at most local car centres before paying for an investigation. The alarm system thinks a thief has tried to disconnect the car battery and this makes the siren trigger from its own battery backup supply.

When alarms false trigger customers usually assume there is a problem with the alarm system. However, the most common cause is a low vehicle battery and cold weather will often finish off a car battery that needs replacing.

Alarms can also trigger from other connected switches and contacts. Most systems will indicate with a code what has caused the device to trigger and counting the flashes or beeps will tell you the cause when disarming the vehicle.


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