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Category S7 Asset Location System UK

A Category S7 Asset Location System is a basic S7 tracker for the UK. These systems are the minimum Thatcham recognised car trackers and provide protection against lifting or towing but not relay theft, or key theft. For these newer types of theft the device relies on the car owner informing the Monitoring Station that a theft has taken place.

Devices are monitored by a secure monitoring centre. Monitoring requires an ongoing subscription, paid directly to the monitoring company associated with your tracker fitted. This forms part of the Thatcham and UK insurance criteria. Customers must continue to pay for secure monitoring for Insurance compliance.

The cost of monitoring varies slightly between vendors as some offer reduced rates for three or five years, or give offers like 'Duration' of ownership.

Systems also vary slightly when it comes to included facilities. However most give limited self-tracking through a free downloadable App, some with geo-fence capabilities, or full self-tracking for a small extra yearly fee.

All of these systems are superb quality from established manufacturers, and we can guide you towards the best one for you, your car and your insurance requirements.

Asset Location System for Insurance

An Asset Location System is an entry level device and may be suitable for cars and vans. They are Insurance compliant systems having gone through rigorous testing by Thatcham and we ensure these systems are expertly fitted. Please check with your car Insurance company which level of tracker is required as systems cannot be upgraded later.

The Trackstar Secure S7 is ideal for cars or vans and comes with a free App. The Meta Trak S7 ALS comes with the first year's subscription included in the price.

Firstly there is the SmarTrack Protector Pro Global S7 ALS. This device comes with a free downloadable App with limited functionality, pay monthly subscription option and European cover. There is also a 'Duration' offer which is a one-off lifetime fee lasting as long as the original customer owns the vehicle. For customers requiring more options via a login account we recommend the SmarTrack Trident S7 ALS upgrade.

We also provide a SmarTrack Caravan tracker S7 ALS with a 'must be present' key to avoid an alert being sent to the secure monitoring centre.


More Information:

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We can fit your Category S7 Asset Location System near Fareham for Basingstoke, New Forest, Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, Worthing, Petersfield, Godalming, Woking, Guildford, Farnborough, Andover, Petworth, Salisbury, Poole, Bournemouth, Chichester, Midhurst, Farnham, Horsham, Whitchurch, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.