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Pandora smart pro in boxThe Pandora Smart Pro is designed to be used with the Pandora online Login package. This application gives many advanced functions where functions can be switched on and off remotely, depending on vehicle and phone or computer type.


Pandora Smart Pro supplied and fitted for £1349* (Please see notes below).

Please contact us to make an appointment.


Please contact us to make an appointment.

Now the Pandora Smart Pro is a Thatcham Category 1 Alarm and Immobiliser for UK Insurance approval.

(Additional cost for Anti-Hijack but this is not Thatcham approved)

Pandora Smart Pro + engine remote start from £1749 to £1849 (Depending on car)*

(£125 yearly subscription for online services)

Car Alarm and Online App

Please contact us to make an appointment.

zero percent interest available

This Pandora car alarm is designed to be used with a login screen available through the website. This application is intended to serve the Pandora Smart Pro and Pandora Elite alarms and gives remote access to fitted alarm systems. There is a registration process (plus yearly subscription), and this is accessible via a web browser for all web enabled devices, such as computers, tablets and mobile phones.

The Pandora application benefits from a secure login screen with the option to allow the browser to remember the device and subsequently login automatically after registration. Once in the application there is an easy to use menu screen with easy touch or menu selection of App 'Control', 'Settings', 'Help', and 'News'.

You can locate and monitor your vehicle in real time via a navigation map (GPS module and subscription required). There is a page for individual sensor adjustment, where functions can be tweaked or simply switched on or off as desired. There is also an overview of all available sensors in the vehicle for example; fuel remaining, inside temperature, battery voltage, engine temperature – all dependent on make and model of vehicle.

Pandora login screenCustomers can also access up to 30 days of events in the 'History' menu tab. This gives an outline of activity, time and location of recent events.

The 'Start Engine' button can also be accessed here giving the vehicle remote engine start, however for security reasons if the ignition of the vehicle is on before accessing remotely then none of these features can be used. Once the ignition is on, the vehicle status can only be viewed and not changed. This means that engine remote start through the login screen can only be achieved if the ignition is off, the car doors are shut, and the alarm system is armed. As a customer enters the car and opens any door, all functions become local to the Bluetooth range of the driver, and the alarm system requires the unique tag to be in range to avoid the alarm being triggered.

Pandora Smart Phone App

There is also a dedicated Pandora smart phone App, called 'Pandora Online' for Android enabled devices or 'Pandora Pro' for iOS. This App does not have all the advance functions available through the login-in application, like sensor adjustment as it just shows basic functionality.

Pandora Security System

This Pandora security system comes with two extra one-button remote fobs. These are small remotes and they are intended for basic functions e.g. unlocking doors or activating the alarm.  

With this system there is no LCD remote control supplied as customers are expected to perform all advanced functions on the dedicated Pandora login application. Customers who wish to have all the functions of the Smart Pro and an LCD remote should read the page dedicated to the Pandora Elite alarm system (listed below).

Please contact us to make an appointment.


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* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge for certain vehicles.

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