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Meta Trak S5 VTS are Thatcham Insurance Approved Car Trackers with advance theft protection. This device targets relay theft and key cloning by using a unique tag that must be present. Price includes one year subscription as standard.

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Please contact us to make an appointment.

Vehicle Tracking Systems Fitted Fareham

Meta Trak S5 VTS We can fit your vehicle tracking systems in Fareham. We are situated in Speedfields park on Newgate Lane just off the M27 and provide a range of trackers for all makes and models of cars.

Meta Trak 5

The Meta Trak 5 system is designed to be the least complicated option for car owners. With this tracker the price includes a one-year subscription that is pre-registered before the customer arrives. This means that the monitoring side is already in place before the device is fitted and there is no need to phone through personal details to the monitoring side of the tracking company.

Unfortunately this way of managing customers means the price of the system appears higher. Customers should subtract the £170 first year subscription to see the true price.

There is also an option to upgrade the subscription fee to 3-years. For this to be done customers must ask for this at the time of booking, as once a system is pre-registered the details cannot be changed on the day.

Key Cloning Protection

Meta Trak replacement tagThatcham Category S5 devices provide key cloning protection by using a unique tag. The tag is carried on your car keys for everyday use. By this tag being present the monitoring company will see the car journey as a legitimate use. Without the tag, an alert will be created and the Monitoring Station will phone the registered vehicle owner to establish the status of the vehicle.

This tag system is a basic but effective idea. Cars are being regularly stolen by relay theft, OBD theft, or key cloning technologies and often this is done within a few seconds. Typically a thief would not know a vehicle is fitted with a tracker and therefore would not know that they need the tag to be present. Here they may gain entry to vehicle but as soon as the car moves the vehicle is automatically tracked.  

Free Tracker App with Event History

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Meta Trak S5 App

There is also a free to download tracker App. This provides a basic form of self-monitoring and is separate to the 24/7/365 days of the year Secure Operating Centre monitoring required for Insurance purposes.

The App is available from the play store or App store depending on your type of phone or device. Here you can connect to your vehicle and see real-time positioning and mapping information.

This App gives journey history for up to 30 days or for the last 20 trips. It gives car battery low information and you can select modes such as privacy, service mode, transport (ideal for RO-RO ferries) or garage mode.

Here you can set up a Geo-fence safe zone and receive notifications when the car moves in or out of the set area.

The Meta Trak App supports up to 100 vehicles from one login account. So the system can also be used a simple fleet-monitoring system.

It is also possible to obtain a driving score with details such as braking, cornering and acceleration.

Car Tracking Demo

Meta Trak provide a car tracking demo on their website. This shows how you can login via a browser to your customer area (see link below).

If you use this demo the location of the vehicle is set in Italy where the Meta System development company is based. This is valid as tracking and mapping for these systems includes EU as well as UK coverage as standard. Meta Trak is however a UK based subsidiary that fulfils all the Thatcham requirements needed for UK Insurance approval, including Thatcham device approval and secure monitoring.

This login demo is not the same as the Meta Trak App but the 'Status' tab does give some indications of what is possible.


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Tracker Monitoring Fees

The Meta Category S5 includes the first year subscription. Customers can choose a 3-year monitoring option at the time of booking for a total price of £849. As of writing there is not a pay monthly option however this may change in the future.

What are Insurance Approved Car Trackers?

Insurance Approved car trackers are regulated devices for the UK market. They require an ongoing subscription to be paid for monitoring by a secure centre. These devices are now called Thatcham Approved Category S5 Vehicle Tracking Systems.

What is the Difference Between S5 and S5 Plus Trackers?

All Category S5 trackers come with some form of driver ID tag. Without the tag present the vehicle is tracked by the secure monitoring station. A Category S5 Plus tracker is fitted with the possibility of car immobilization.

The Meta Trak Deadlock with everytime stop immobilisation, provides an increased level of security in S5 vehicle tracking systems (link below).


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We are experts in the Meta Trak S5 VTS fitted near Fareham for Hampshire, West Sussex, Winchester, Basingstoke, Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole, New Forest, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Petersfield, Midhurst, Farnham, Havant, Chichester, Arundel and Worthing customers.