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Thatcham category 2 immobilisers fitted to the ignition circuit of a vehicle stops a thief from easily driving the car away without the use of the key. The Sterling Excel transponder immobiliser is a device that can do this seamlessly without driver intervention and is ideal for older vehicles.

Supplied and fitted for £299* (please see notes below)

thatcham category 2 remoteThe main advantage of this system is that no large holes need to be drilled into the dash, just a small one for the LED to provide a visual deterrent and for the driver to know if the immobiliser has been disengaged. For this reason the Sterling Excel is ideal for cherish or unique vehicle builds where owners wish to maintain the original look of the car. This system is also preferred by customers who wish to have no user intervention on entering the car. The Excel is automatically disabled, with no user action required simply by being carried on the customer’s vehicle keys, and just being near the ignition before starting the car.

Category 2 Immobiliser

When your insurance company asks for a 'Category 2 Immobiliser' they mean a Thatcham Approved device fitted to Thatcham standards. All Category 1, 2, 5, and 6 systems are submitted by manufacturers for testing by the Government backed Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (MIRRC) based at Thatcham. Once a system has passed it is then included on the Approved devices list and can be used to meet insurance requirements. These systems must also be fitted to Thatcham standards and we provide an MESF 4-copy document for insurance, where the yellow copy is submitted to your insurance company.

Sterling Excel Transponder Features

The Sterling Excel is a trusted product that has been providing security for many years and we have been fitting this system for over ten years. The device is well designed and has proved to be a stable and reliable product that can be counted-on to work in most cars and vans.

System Installation Includes:

Customers choose this product for two distinct reasons, either they have been told they require a Category 2 device by their insurance company, or they simply wish to provide additional security for their vehicle.

It is important to listen to your insurance company and to be clear in understanding to their requirements, to ensure theft is covered should the vehicle be stolen. Customers may find there is no standard set of rules, and requirements change depending on insurance company, location etc. It is also common to find that a factory transponder immobiliser fitted at car manufacture is no longer acceptable and a new Cat 2 is necessary.


Alternative products:

Try a touch system for an alternative Cat 2 immobiliser for Insurance.

Cat 1 car alarm with on-board immobilisation (supersedes the Cat 2 Insurance companies ask for).

Read about the Ghost immobiliser sequence for a non-insurance innovative device.


We install Thatcham Category 2 immobilisers Chichester, Worthing, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Emsworth, Lancing, Portsmouth, Havant, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, Lancing, Shoreham-by-Sea and West Sussex areas.