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Thatcham category 2 immobiliserThatcham Category 2 Immobilisers stop the vehicle from starting easily. With this system a tag must be present to disengage the Immobiliser and be able to drive the car. The device is ideal for older vehicles and may not work with modern keyless cars.

Supplied and fitted for £399* (please see notes below)

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Sterling Excel Immobiliser

Sterling Excel fob in handThe Sterling Excel Immobiliser is a system that works seamlessly without driver intervention. With the tag near the ignition circuit of the car, the device is automatically disabled and the vehicle can be driven. This system is therefore called a Transponder Immobiliser. If appropriate you can carry the unique tag on your car keys or split ring.

Category 2 Immobiliser

When your insurance company asks for a 'Category 2 Immobiliser' they mean a Thatcham Approved device fitted to Thatcham standards. All Category 1, 2, S5, and S7 systems are submitted by manufacturers for testing by the Government backed Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (MIRRC) based at Thatcham. Once a system has passed it is then included on the Approved devices list and can be used to meet insurance requirements. These systems must also be fitted to Thatcham standards and we provide an MESF 4-copy document for insurance, where the yellow copy is submitted to your insurance company.

Excel LED Indicator

One advantage of the Sterling Excel is that there is no need to drill a hole into the dash for a receptacle, (as with the Touch-key immobiliser). Only a much smaller one is required for an LED indicator. This LED lets the driver know that the immobiliser has been disengaged and also acts as a visual deterrent. It means that when the system is active the LED will gently flash.

This less invasive system is therefore ideally suited for cherish of unique vehicle builds where the original look of the car is critical. In most cases we can find an empty switch blank or similar to place this LED, however customers should be aware that this is dictated by the dash design and not customer preference.

Car Keyless Entry

thatcham category 2 remoteThe Excel is a product that is car dependent and may not be suitable for modern car keyless entry systems. When you contact us we can advise you if the Excel is suitable for your car. If not we can advise either a Touch-key immobiliser or different device altogether depending on your vehicle and car Insurance needs.

What is an Insurance Approved Immobiliser?

An Insurance Approved Immobiliser is a Thatcham Category 2 device. The system provides extra security for a car’s ignition circuit. It is less expensive than a full alarm system and may be required for car Insurance compliance.

It is important to listen to your insurance company and to be clear in understanding as to their requirements. This ensures your car is fully covered against theft and allows less opportunity for them to wriggle out of paying should the worst occur. Customers may find there is no standard set of rules, and requirements may change depending on insurance company, car location, but also from year to year at policy renewals time.

We have also had customers find that their factory transponder immobiliser, fitted at car manufacture, is no longer acceptable.

In the Box:


Sterling Excel window stickersThe Excel is a trusted product that has been providing security for many years and we have been fitting this system for over fifteen years. The device is well designed and has proved to be a stable and reliable product.

Sterling Excel Keys

It is recommended that customers have at least 2 Sterling Excel keys or fobs. This is because you need at least one working fob, to disable the Immobiliser, before programming in a new key fob. You can have a maximum of 5 transponder tags for this system and these can be purchased from us at the time of installation or later.

Sterling Excel User GuideThere is a sequence for programming in a new tag. Full instructions are given in the Excel User Guide link at the end of the page. However we can also do this for you if required.
When programming in a new tag all previous ones are deleted. This is useful if you have lost a key fob and wish to ensure it has been deleted from the system. But this also means that when programming in a new key all tags must be present, to be recognised.

Unfortunately, if all of the Sterling Excel’s Keys are lost or damaged then there is no way to recover the system. In this instance the old system would need to be removed and a new one installed.


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More information:

Read more on the Sterling Excel User Guide on how to programme in new tags.


Alternative products:

Try a touch system for an alternative Cat 2 immobiliser for Insurance.

Cat 1 car alarm with on-board immobilisation (supersedes the Cat 2 Insurance companies ask for).

Read about the Ghost Immobiliser sequence input for a device that requires no tags.


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