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Cat S5 Vehicle Tracking Systems

We provide a range of Category S5 Vehicle Tracking Systems with installation in Fareham for customers from Bournemouth to Worthing and Portsmouth to Guildford areas. These are Category S5 VTS tracking devices and are suitable for cars, vans, company cars and targeted brands like Range Rover and BMW.

Thatcham have changed the Cat 5 Category to S5 VTS at the end of 2018 and upgraded some of the requirements for S5. Before driver recognition tags had no hole for a split ring and therefore could not be carried on the driver's key ring, making car owners carry the tag on their person. While this targeted car hi-jacking it became annoying for most drivers to carry separately.

The new S5 ADR tags are now allowed to be attached to drivers' keys and this sees a shift of focus towards the more common techniques of relay theft, key cloning and OBD theft. To read more about this, Thatcham provide information on Cat S5 changes to their specification on their website.

What is Vehicle Tracking for Insurance?

Vehicle tracking for insurance purposes provide a high level of protection. All Category S5 systems come with ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) tags providing an automatic alert to commence tracking if the vehicle is driven without the tag present.

What is a Thatcham Category 5 Tracker?

A Thatcham Category 5 tracker is now called either a Category S5 VTS or a Category S5 VTS Plus with immobilisation. Both come with a unique tag that must be present when the car is moved. Without the tag, an alert is sent to the monitoring centre and theft tracking commences.

These trackers are designated by Thatcham as Category S5 VTS and are suitable for cars, vans, fleet, motorhome, plant and cherish vehicles.

Covert GPS Tracking Vehicle

Covert GPS Tracking for vehicles is provided at our unit in Fareham. It is essential that all trackers are fitted covertly to cars and vans to enhance security. This means that customers are not allowed to see the device, or know where it has been fitted.

Customers should think of this on a need to know basis. Vehicle tracking devices are fit-and-forget systems. They do not need to be adjusted and require no input from the driver. Therefore there is no need for customers to have any information about the device.

For the benefit of all car owners it is necessary to have the least information possible in the public domain. All manufactures of trackers promote this culture and we uphold this ideology when fitting systems.

Which Cat 5 Tracker is Best?

We provide a range of Insurance Approved tracking devices and our best value Cat 5 tracking system is the Scorpiontrack S5 VTS. This tracker comes with a low subscription and options for adding more years at a reduced price. Metatrak S5 VTS offer tracker including subscription price ideal for people who do not want to sort out their own subscription.

The Trackstar Secure S5 is often fitted by car suppliers at a high cost. We can provide better value for money and, as this is our industry, we can fit this product to an excellent standard.

Customers can also choose a SmarTrack S5 tracker also a VTS. Smartrack offer a 'Duration' subscription option which is ideal if the you are looking to keep the vehicle for more than 4 years. Duration is effectively a lifetime subscription but cannot be transferred to a new vehicle or new vehicle owner. However, we have known Smartrack to transfer a Duration subscription if the tracker is transferred within the first year, even though they are under no obligation to do so.

Essentially all, Category S5 VTS devices are very similar. They are all Thatcham Approved and suitable for Insurance compliance. They also all have free downloadable Apps. It is with the subscription that they are most likely to vary in service and price (See comparison chart below). They also differ on the tag shape and type as well as only one tag may be supplied.


More Information:

See our comparison chart for Vehicle Tracking Systems subscription costs.

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For more information on Cat 5 and Category S5 VTS differences please read our car tracker FAQ.


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Our Category S5 vehicle tracking systems are ideal as BMW, Land Rover and Range Rover trackers fitted near Fareham for Basingstoke, Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, Worthing, Horsham, Petersfield, Godalming, Farnborough, Andover, New Forest, Poole, Petworth, West Sussex and Hampshire customers.