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Insurance Approved Alarms

We provide a range of Insurance Approved alarms. These systems can be used for UK car Insurance compliance, but choice may be limited by vehicle model and year of manufacture.

The Autowatch 457 is our best value car alarm for analogue vehicles and is ideal for a range of cars and vans. This is a robust and reliable device. It also allows wireless sensors to be added for motorhome habitation and garage doors where running cables may prove difficult in a built environment.

Pandora is a newcomer to the market and successfully achieved Thatcham Approval for all alarm systems in 2019. The Pandora Mini BT can be used on modern vehicles with CANBus wiring systems and comes with two 'must be present to drive' Bluetooth tags.

The Clifford Concept 650 Mk 3 is for Clifford purists who often ask for it after having a 650 on a previous car. The Clifford uses an amplified antenna that sends and receives signals from a very long range.

The Pandora Light Pro is an advanced alarm system essentially run from an LCD hand-held remote control. For car owners who wish to control their alarm via their smartphone the Pandora Smart Pro is an option. This system also comes with a fully featured App for all round control.

The Pandora Elite is a combination of the Light Pro and Smart Pro giving a LCD remote and access to the advanced featured App.

The Pandora Camper Pro is specifically designed for motorhomes and camper vans. It comes with a LCD remote, access to an advanced App, self-tracking option, and the ability to add engine remote start (depending on vehicle).

What is a cat 1 alarm?

A Cat 1 alarm is an Insurance approved car alarm system. This means that the system has been tested and conforms to minimum UK standards. Vehicles may not be insured for theft without a Cat 1 fitted, however this may vary between insurance companies.  

Thatcham Car Alarms

Thatcham Category 1: Alarms and Immobilisers listThatcham car alarms are tested by the UK Government backed Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (MIRRC) based at Thatcham. Alarm production companies submit their systems for testing (paying a fee for the in-depth process) to have systems that are Thatcham and therefore Insurance Approved. All devices are added to a Thatcham cat 1 alarm list and this can be viewed on the Thatcham .org website (search for Category 1: Alarm and Immobiliser to see all options).

All of the alarms detailed here, on our page fall into the Category 1: Alarm and Immobiliser section.


Read more on Thatcham insurance approved alarms advice from the AA.

See our Thatcham Cat S5 or Cat S7 tracking systems for insurance.

Read about the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser now in it's second version.


We can provide your Insurance Approved alarm fitted near Fareham for Guildford, Woking, Hampshire, Andover, Basingstoke, Winchester, Southampton, Bournemouth, Farnham, Aldershot, Farnborough, Hindhead, Liss, Horsham, Midhurst, Chichester and West Sussex customers.