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Remote Start Car Alarms Fitted

Remote start car alarms are becoming more common in the UK. Sometimes customers wish to have the car ready to drive before they reach the car, by warming the engine and generally de-icing, demisting and avoiding that bitter coldness sometimes experienced in the winter. Other customers wish to be able to start or stop their vehicle and have a level of control all achieved by a modern App on their phone.

Some of these systems are car dependent and we can advise you on the best alarm for your car and your individual needs.

Pager Car Alarms

Sometimes engine remote start systems are called pager car alarms. This is because the device can be controlled by either a hand-held remote, a free downloadable App or both.

The Pandora Light Pro uses an LCD remote to see car details and combinations of buttons to send commands to the car. The Pandora Smart Pro relies on an App on your phone giving all the functions of a remote control on your phone screen. The Pandora Elite has an advanced LCD remote and a full access login account that can be controlled through a mobile device. We are a premium Pandora car alarms dealer and can advise you on the best system for your vehicle.

SmartStart is an add-on device that works with a compatible Clifford car alarm system. Clifford and Viper are both made by the same company and the SmartStart system is compatible with the Viper 586vi + 861v car alarm, the Viper 586vi + 862v car security system, and the Viper 586vi + 863v two-way car alarm. For customers wishing to upgrade to the Clifford SmartStart system we recommend the basic 586vi + 861v Viper car alarm as the downloadable phone App means the hand-held remote becomes unnecessary for day-to-day operation. We are expert Clifford and Viper alarm dealers and can advise you on a system that works for your individual needs.

How do Remote Car Starters Work?

Remote car starters work by switching on the ignition before you enter the vehicle. This can be done by a hand-held remote or a free phone App giving remote control. You can warm, de-ice and demist on cold mornings making your car ready to drive.


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