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Vehicle Tracking Hampshire Fareham

We provide expert vehicle tracking fitted in Fareham for Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex customers.

Generally devices do not require any user input once installed and we ensure systems are fitted covertly. The concept of a stealth installation is most understandable with fleet vehicles where drivers may not welcome being tracked, but this is also the case for insurance devices where we cannot allow customers to view the installation.

With SmarTrack, details of the installation are given within the commissioning process, so if the device needs to be located or changed, all information can be given to the new installer.

GPS Car Tracking System for Insurance

If customers require a GPS car tracking system for insurance, this is a Category S5 VTS - Vehicle Tracking System, with automatic notification to the monitoring centre, should the car be moved without a tag being present.

This can be upgraded to a Cat S5 VTS Plus where the vehicle has either every time stop immobilisation or immobilisation from the Monitoring Station or both. 

A tracker can also mean a Category S7 ALS - Asset Location System. These devices also require a monitoring subscription but are fitted without tag or immobilisation.

Customers should be clear with their Insurance company which type of tracker is required. This is essential as systems cannot be upgraded should the wrong one be chosen.

We also provide fleet tracking systems for non-Insurance purposes. These systems have their own login screen to view and monitor assets. Devices also come with advanced options like geo-fence and overspeed warnings.

Car Trackers UK

Car trackers for the UK can be a confusing mix of classifications and terms. Types of stolen vehicle theft have become more sophisticated and this has been reflected in the evolving of devices and classifications.

What is an Insurance Approved Vehicle tracker?

An Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker is a Thatcham Approved device. To maintain Insurance approval an annual subscription must be paid to a Secure Monitoring Station. Self-tracking or fleet tracking are not suitable for Insurance compliance.

What is the difference between a Category S5 and Category S7?

A Category S5 is a Thatcham classified Category S5 VTS and this stands for Vehicle Tracking Systems suitable for all cars and vans. A Category S7 is a Thatcham classified Category S7 ALS. This stands for Asset Location System and may be accepted by Insurance companies.

A Category S5 will protect against all types of car theft. A Category S7 will provide some protection but may require the vehicle owner to report to the Monitoring Station that a theft has taken place.

Both systems are monitored remotely by a Secure Monitoring Station and they will liaise with the Police should a theft occur. Monitoring Stations are regulated and have procedures in place for dealing with vehicle theft.

Customers should ask their Insurance company which type of device is required.

Is a Category 6 Tracker better than a Category 5?

No. Thatcham changed their classifications in 2019 and the old Category 6 has now been replaced by the Category S7 ALS. If there has been no break in monitoring subscription then your insurance company may still accept a Cat 6 as if it were a Category S7 ALS.

An old Category 5 tracker, in most cases, will be considered the same as the new Category S5 VTS. Again, as long as there has been no break in subscription, this should be accepted as a current legitimate device.

Please be aware that as these systems age they may stop working. Electronic devices have a working lifetime that will mean they naturally expire. In this instance a new system will need to be installed.


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We install vehicle tracking Hampshire near Fareham for Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst, Emsworth, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Worthing, Lancing, Shoreham-by-Sea and West Sussex customers.