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Motorhome Alarms Fitted

Motorhome alarms are fitted to detect vehicle intrusion and possible attempted theft of the van. These devices are ideal as motorhomes, American RV, van conversion and campervan alarm systems. They are usually fitted for Insurance Approval but are also a great idea for peace of mind.

One of the problems facing Motorhome owners is opportunist threats. These vehicles are often fitted with niche equipment that is easy to steal and even easier to sell on. An alarm helps to protect your valuables and can make you feel more comfortable about leaving you vehicle on site while you go on excursions.

These Motorhome security devices can often deter a thief from stealing a vehicle. Once it becomes clear that an alarm is fitted most thieves will move, on as there is a greater threat of being seen and caught. All alarms are fitted with a visible flashing LED, to the cabin area, however customers should still follow best practices for reducing risk e.g. keeping valuables out of sight. For more general good advice for when you are away see our link below from the caravan talk website.

Thatcham Alarm for Motorhome

If you need a Thatcham alarm for your motorhome then a Cat 1 is required. All Thatcham tested Category 1: Alarm and Immobiliser systems come with interior protection and dual point immobilisation. We also ensure your Cat 1 is fitted to Thatcham installation standards, with brain units buried deep in the vehicle and wiring that is difficult to distinguish.  

Extra protection may be necessary for habitation and garage doors and this is fitted at extra cost. For larger vans customers may also require a secondary PIR unit fitted to protect the rear of the vehicle.

The type of Thatcham alarm is dictated by your vehicle. Vans can be either CANBus non-CANBus or of a type that falls between, this is usually associated with the age of the vehicle but can be affected by original vehicle manufacturer choices.

Guide to Motorhome Alarms

We can provide an expert guide to motorhome alarms. We work on CAN and non-CANBus vehicles, and have a wealth of experience working on Motorhomes, campervans, and caravans. All of our devices are vehicle dependent, and we can direct you towards the most appropriate alarm system, for your vehicle type and age.

What are Thatcham Motorhome Alarms?

A Thatcham motorhome alarm is a category 1 alarm and immobiliser system. Newer vans will require a category 2-1 alarm upgrade using their original factory supplied remotes. Older vehicles require a non-canbus Cat 1 alarm supplied with new hand-held remotes.


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