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We can provide installation for your motorhome Cat S7 tracker near Fareham for Southampton, Portsmouth, Chichester, Winchester, New Forest, Guildford, Fareham, Petersfield, Worthing, Alton, Basingstoke, Bognor Regis, Hampshire and West Sussex customers.

supplied and fitted for £249* (Annual monitoring fee and additional fitting are extra)

Level 1 Asset Location System.

Motorhome Vehicle Security Experts

We are motorhome vehicle security experts providing a range of services for motorhomes and van conversions. A Cat S7 is the cheapes car tracker that is Insurance approved and can be supplied and fitted with mobile installation within our areas listed above. The price of this product does not change because you have a motorhome, as all Category S7 systems are designed for all vehicle types.

These systems rely on customers maintaining a monitoring contract with a dedicated company. This is usually a company associated with the manufacture of the product, but in some cases, customer will find their device can be located and tracked by an associate company. For a Cat 7 to maintain its classification it must be securely monitored, and a yearly subscription paid. Without monitoring the tracker is no longer Insurance compliant.

With most monitoring companies subscription can be paid by monthly direct debit, and this can usually be arranged over the phone. There is also usually price reductions for paying multiple years in advance, all worth inquiring directly with your monitoring company.

Motorhome Security Information

Motorhome security information is deliberately secretive when it come to these systems and this includes customers not being permitted to watch the installation of Thatcham approved trackers or know where they have been fitted. Installation location of the device is chosen by the fitter on the day, and therefore varies for different installations. It is for the benefit of customers that as little information as possible, about their tracker, is in the public domain. Careless talk can mean their tracker looses it's benefit altogether. It is sufficient that product details are given to the monitoring company on commissioning.


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We supply Insurance motorhome tracking systems fitted near Fareham for Southampton, Chichester, Portsmouth, Winchester, New Forest, Guildford, Petersfield, Worthing, Alton, Basingstoke, Horsham, Bognor Regis, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.