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Smartrack Cat S5 Plus tracker

SmarTrack 5 Plus iMOB Thatcham approved logo

The Smartrack 5+ iMOB is a Category S5 VTS tracker fitted with an every time stop immobilisation feature. Here the driver ID recognition card must be present to disable the immobiliser and be able to drive.

SmarTrack 5+ iMOB supplied and fitted for £599 or £699 for 24V vehicles (Both prices do not include monitoring fee)


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GPS Tracking System

This is a GPS tracking system suitable for cars, vans, motorhomes and cherish vehicles. We can install this device at our unit in Fareham (Hampshire) and fitting takes a morning or an afternoon.

D-iD Tracker Device

Smartrack driver ID tagThis tracker device uses a driver ID card. The card is the size of a credit card and can be stored in your wallet or purse. The card can be turned on and off as shown and has a multifunctional LED. The LED flashed once blue for on, and three times blue for off. When charging the LED is red and when the card is fully charged the LED turns green.

The system comes with two D-iD cards ideally with one for everyday use and one to be kept at home for back-up. It is the backup card that can then be turned off to conserve power and be available if required.

Smartrack driver ID charging cableThe cards are charged via a supplied USB cable. The card has two gold coloured contacts where the charging cable is clipped onto. The charger is a peg type clamp with two protruding prongs that need to be lined up with the card.

iMOB Every Time Stop Immobiliser

iMOB means every time stop immobilisation. For this level of tracker the car is immobilised each time the ignition is switched off. This is ideal for motorhomes or cherish vehicles where an extra level of protection is advisable.

This system works through the D-iD card or D-iD App. Here the card or similar must be in the vehicle to disable the immobiliser and be able to drive.

This type of immobiliser is different from the regular Category S5 VTS Immobiliser. The regular device can only be immobilised from restarting by the secure monitoring station. Therefore the regular Cat S5 Immobilisers are only given an immobilisation signal once a theft has taken place and the active recovery process is in motion.

The Smartrack iMOB is comparable to the Meta Trak Deadlock which also becomes immobilised after each drive.

Cat 5 Tracker for Insurance

Smartrack logoThis device is a Cat 5 tracker with the full title of Thatcham Approved Category S5 VTS Immobiliser. It is suitable for UK car insurance compliance and is the highest level tracker. Being the highest level of Thatcham Approved vehicle tracking system it will satisfy any insurance requirements.

What Happens if the D-iD tag or Device is Stolen?

Should the driver recognition tag, card or paired mobile phone be stolen then the vehicle is still protected. In this instance the vehicle owner can still phone the secure monitoring station, informing them that a theft has taken place.

This will initiate the active recovery process, effectively a set of procedures that are pre-planned with immediate activation once a vehicle is designated as stolen.

Smartrack Subscription Costs

The current cost of monitoring for any SmarTrack S5 is £199 per year. The overall cost increases slightly if customers choose to pay a monthly subscription of £16.99 per month. Significant reductions can be gained by paying up front for a two year subscription at £329 and three years for £429.

SmarTrack are the only tracking company to offer a 'Duration' monitoring subscription. This is a one time lifetime fee of £699. Customers taking this option should consider how long they will own the vehicle as 'Duration' cannot be transferred to a new car owner or to a new vehicle. This means that if the ownership of the vehicle is expected to be longer than 3 years then this option can provide real savings for the customer.

However we have seen SmarTrack transfer a 'Duration' payment to a new vehicle if this is done in the first year of monitoring. Please be aware that they are under no obligation to do this, but it is worth asking for, should the need occur.


More Information:

See our comparison chart for Vehicle Tracking Systems subscription costs.


Alternative Products:

See the Meta Trak Deadlock with every time stop immobilisation.

See the Pandora Smart Pro car alarm with advanced feature App and non-Insurance tracking.

See the Pandora Camper Pro alarm system for all types of motorhome or campervan.


We can install the SmarTrack 5 Plus iMOB Fareham for Bournemouth Poole Ringwood Brockenhurst New Forest Salisbury Bath Reading Guildford Godalming Haslemere Hindhead Liphook Petersfield Hampshire West Sussex Dorset Wiltshire Somerset Surry and the Isle of Wight Customers.