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Pandora Camper Pro in box

Pandora Camper Pro Motorhome Alarm Thatcham Approved Cat 1 logo

The Pandora Camper Pro motorhome alarm is a system suitable for all vans. It comes with multi-purpose interior shock sensor / wireless reed door sensors to protect points of entry for larger vehicles. The device is designed to be used with the dedicated pager remote or the online service login account.

Pandora Camper Pro supplied and fitted from £2150* (Please see notes below) including 2 habitation door sensors.

(£125 yearly subscription for online services)

Pandora Motorhome Alarm

This is the premium Pandora motorhome alarm system. It comes with one long range pager LCD remote, one alternative immobiliser tag, free downloadable App, and access to an advanced featured login account (yearly subscription required).

This system is based on the Pandora Elite please see that page for more details.

Insurance Approved Category 1 Alarm and Immobiliser

Habitation door sensorsThe Pandora Camper Pro is a full insurance approved Category 1 alarm and immobiliser. This means it will satisfy your car Insurance company needs if they have asked for a Cat 1 to be fitted.

The alarm protects points of entry into the motorhome with the multi-purpose wireless reed door sensors. These also have a built-in shock sensor. For this system to be fitted to Thatcham, and therefore Insurance requirements, all points of entry into the van must be protected. This means the sensors are fitted to the habitation door and garage doors that lead to the main interior of the vehicle.

We can optionally also install these sensors to external garage doors if required.

The Camper Pro is a versatile device and can be fitted to all vans. These include CANBus and non-CANBus vehicles and can be adapted to multiple layouts and requirements.

Pager Remote

Pandora camper pro remote controlWith the Pandora Camper Pro it is all about the pager remote. This is a long-range independent receiver with a picture of a motorhome on it. All triggers and warnings can be seen on this device and functions can be adjusted via the three buttons on the top of the device.

Temporarily turn off sensors or activate engine remote start, if fitted, from this small remote attached to your key ring.

The remote acts as a two-way pager and has an ultra-long range signal. This can be up to a mile away, but will be affected by interference and structures such as buildings.

For customers with modern cars it is this remote that makes the Camper Pro different from the Camper Mini. If a customer with a modern van is not expecting to use this remote, we recommend the Pandora Camper Mini as a more suitable product. For customers with older, non-CANBus vans, the Camper Pro is the only option as it is necessary to accommodate the extra outputs needed.

How to Stop Car Key Cloning

One of the ways to stop car key cloning is to have tag dependent immobilisation. This means that the alarm has a built-in immobiliser, that can only be disengaged if a tag is present.

All Pandora products come with an immobiliser tag. For the Camper pro this means one tag is supplied with the LCD remote acting as a second tag. Either needs to be present to be able to drive the vehicle.

This gives protection should the van key be cloned. Here if a thief has obtained a cloned key, as soon as this is used to enter the vehicle the alarm will sound and the immobiliser prevents movement. This simple system also protects against relay attack and OBD port theft.

Free Pandora Car Alarms App

There is also a free Pandora App that can be downloaded. Here customers use their unique details to set up a phone or similar. This device is then remembered and can be used instead of the tag or LCD remote to disengage the immobiliser.

Now by coming close to the vehicle with a tag or paired phone the immobiliser is automatically disabled without user intervention.

The App also gives other basic functions. Receive App alerts for triggers, simple GPS and history of events.

Pandora Car Alarms Login Account

With this alarm there is an option to create a Pandora car alarms login account. This gives more advanced features than the free App holding up to 100 events for up to 30 days.

Here customers can fine tune settings and use the system as a self-tracking device. Please note that this vehicle tracking is not monitored and is therefore not UK Insurance Approved.

There is a £100 yearly subscription for this service.

Camper Pro Features:

* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge for certain vehicles.


More Information:

This system is based on the Pandora Elite car alarm please see that page for more details.

See our video on how this can be used as an engine remote start car alarm system.


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Alternative products:

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