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Motorhome Vehicle Tracking

Motorhome vehicle tracking devices are dependent on your insurance company requirements and the value of your vehicle.

These systems are not car dependant and work in the same way for cars, vans, campervans, leisure vehicles and motorhomes. The level of tracker may be a requirement for vehicles over a certain threshold value, but where the van is situated may also come into play. We urge our customers to be sure of the level they require before booking, as a tracker cannot be upgraded later.

Motorhome Tracking Systems

Our most popular motorhome tracking system is the Metatrak S5 VTS. This is supplied with a unique tag that must be present when the vehicle is in motion. Without the tag automatic monitoring commences giving protection against relay attack, key cloning and OBD port theft. Comes with free App.

For additional protection there is the Metatrak S5 VTS Deadlock. This gives immobilisation possible from the Monitoring Station, preventing the vehicle from being restarted. Comes with free App.

If your Insurance company has specified a Category S7 ALS we provide the SmarTrack Protector Pro Global Asset Location System. This device comes without driver ID tags but comes with free App.

Caravan trackers work on a different basis because a caravan does not have an engine. We can fit a dedicated caravan tracker systems with its own key system. This device is a still a full Thatcham Cat S7 ALS and can be used for Insurance approval.

What is a Thatcham Motorhome Tracker?

A Thatcham motorhome tracker is either an S5, S5 Plus or S7 device. Category S5 vehicle tracking systems automatically commences tracking if movement is detected. S5 Plus means immobiliser and a Category S7 asset location systems may rely on the car owner calling the monitoring company if a theft takes place.

What is the best Motorhome Tracker System UK?

The best motorhome tracker system for UK customers is a Cat S5 with deadlock immobilisation. Here immobilisation is automatically enabled each time the vehicle is turned off. This is the highest level of tracker and ideal for vans in storage or cherish vehicles.

Tracking Monitoring Subscription

An annual tracking monitoring subscription is required for all Thatcham Approved and Insurance tracking systems. Each dedicated centre is monitored 25/7/365 and must be manned throughout. This service requires an on-going subscription for vehicle security to remain insurance approved.


More Information:

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Alternative products:

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