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Car Immobilisers Fitted Fareham

We provide Car immobilisers fitted at our unit in Fareham. We are experienced installers providing services for customers in the Southern counties of Hampshire, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Dorset and surrounding areas.

What is a Thatcham Immobiliser?

A Thatcham Immobiliser is a Thatcham Approved Category 2 device of system. It will prevent your vehicle from being easily stolen. They are required by UK car Insurance policies to be insured against theft.

Please call us, giving details of your car make, model and date of manufacture. Here we can advise you on the best product for you, your vehicle and car Insurance requirements. Phone number at the bottom of the page.

Time taken to install these systems vary so please expect to leave the vehicle with us for a full morning or afternoon. We have a dedicated waiting area, or customers can find many shops within walking distance. See our contact us page.

How do Vehicle Immobilisers Work?

Vehicle Immobilisers work by stopping the car from starting easily. They do this by the driver either entering a code, or by carrying a unique tag. Systems are fitted for extra security for cars and vans or Insurance compliance.

It is expected by all insurance companies in the UK that vehicles have at least a Cat 2 immobiliser fitted. New vehicles, produced for the UK market, usually have this fitted at the time of manufacture. However with the advent of smart keys and key cloning technologies the manufacturer’s products may be no longer effective. Although technically these manufacturer’s devices are a full Thatcham Category 2 system and Insurance compliant, an extra system may be suitable as an upgrade.  

Insurance Car Immobiliser

We provide insurance car immobilisers in two forms. Firstly we have a Vodafone Cobra Thatcham Approved Cat 2 immobiliser, where a touch key is placed against a receptacle in the car. There is also a the Viper 106v immobiliser, again a touch key, often asked for by Clifford / Viper purists. Secondly we provide the Sterling Excel Category 2 immobiliser system, which is a no touch transponder device.

In most cases the choice between these two systems is dictated by the vehicle. For example, older vehicles without a factory transponder can choose either, however touch key is the only option in some newer vehicles and for cars that do have a factory transponder already installed that is not on the Thatcham recognised list.

Non-Insurance Vehicle Immobilisers

We also provide non-Insurance vehicle immobilisers. The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is specifically designed for CANBus and keyless entry vehicles. It relies on drivers using buttons already in the vehicle to deactivate the immobiliser, and can be used with a small tag as an alternative. Autowatch Ghost car security is not Thatcham Approved but may be accepted by Insurance companies under the TASSA Registered Installer scheme.

The Pandora Storm uses a unique Bluetooth tag to deactivate the system. Customers can then use their phone as the Bluetooth tag. This is not Insurance approved but can be upgraded to a full Cat 1 alarm, if required later.

The Pandora Immo uses a unique tag that must be present to drive, and comes with a free downloadable App.

The Clifford BlackJax works by inputting a code on a two-button keypad before driving.

Please be aware that the Storm, Immo and Blackjax systems are not Thatcham approved and cannot be used for UK insurance purposes.


Please contact us to make an appointment.


More information:

See a video on our YouTube channel for the Vodafone Cobra Cat 2 car immobilisers for Insurance Approval.

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Alternative products:

View our Category 1 Alarm and Immobiliser ideal for Cat 1 or Cat 2 compliance.

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Ask about our Ghost and Tracker combo for peace of mind and Insurance compliance. Please contact us.



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