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Car immobilisers stop a car from starting easily without the key, tag or code. There are two reasons for having these systems fitted, firstly because your insurance company has insisted on it, and secondly because you as a car owner wish to provided protection for your asset.

It is expected by all insurance companies in the UK that vehicles have at least a Cat 2 immobiliser fitted. New vehicles, produced for the UK market, usually have this fitted at the time of manufacture and therefore already have the minimum level of protection. This may not be the case with older vehicles, individual builds or special types of vehicles.

Insurance Car Immobiliser or Not?

We provide insurance car immobiliser in two forms; a Category 2 immobiliser with touch key receptacle and a carry tag transponder immobiliser system. In most cases the choice between these two devices is dictated by the vehicle. For example, older vehicles that have not got a factory transponder as standard can choose either, however touch key is the only option in some newer vehicles and for cars that do have a factory transponder already installed that is not on the Thatcham recognised list.

We also provide the Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser specifically designed for CANBus and keyless entry vehicles. This non-insurance product relies on drivers using buttons already in the vehicle to deactivate the immobiliser. It uses no tags or radio frequency communication and a potential thief will not know that it is fitted. This system can also be used via an iPhone App for automatic deactivation on entering the vehicle.

The Pandora Immo uses a unique tag that must be present to drive, and comes with a free downloadable App. The Clifford BlackJax works by inputting a code on a two-button keypad before driving.  

Please be aware that the Ghost, Immo and Blackjax systems are not Thatcham approved and cannot be used for UK insurance purposes.


What is a Thatcham Immobiliser?

A Thatcham immobiliser is a Cat 2 device for UK insurance approval. A Category 2 electronic immobiliser will prevent your car from easily being stolen and is a UK requirement. Most cars will come with one already fitted but older cars may need a new Thatcham Cat 2.


It is important to understand what it is that your insurance company is asking for:

If they require a Cat S5 tracking system then there is only one option.

If they require a Cat 1 immobiliser then a full Category 1 alarm system is necessary.

If they are not specific about a Thatcham Approved tracking system then usually a Cat S7 is sufficient.


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