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Meta Track S5 Deadlock

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Meta Track S5 Deadlock is a full Category S5 with immobilisation ideal for insurance purposes but with the ability to self-track through a free downloadable App and advanced function login account. This product suits Cherish vehicles or cars in storage.

Meta Trak S5 installed for £849 (includes £169.95 worth of subscription - 1 year)

Meta Trak S5 installed for £1049 (includes £450 worth of subscription - 3 years)

Car Tracking with GPS App and Login Account

This system provides car tracking with a GPS App and Login account. This requires a pin-code to access, and essential options can be located here. Customers can view vehicle battery status and voltage, if the vehicle ignition is on, and the vehicle mileage via the odometer. There is also the ability to use a 'car finder' option to view vehicle location on Google maps with a Google 'street view' to identify best routes and parking spots.

Meta Trak AppJourney information can be viewed by the 'history of events' menu, showing location GPS for vehicle events within the previous 24-hours. It shows time of ignition on and off, within this time period, and by clicking on each entry a map gives the location of historical events.

There are more advanced features available through the web portal login. These include a Geo-Fence option and involves customers clicking in a loop to create a safe area around the asset. Notifications can then be set to apply, for example if the vehicle is outside the geo-fence for more than 10 minutes.

Battery disconnect and tow away alerts are relayed to the Secure Operating Centre (SOC). For all alerts, the SOC will phone the owner of the vehicle to verify information with the named contact. The vehicle owner is expected to keep all contact details up to date for this process to work.

The driver recognition tags use batteries that need replacing when expired. Here an alert is sent to the owner via the App and batteries can be easily changed by sliding a battery holder out and back in once replaced.

Range Rover Land Rover Tracker?

This is not just a Range Rover and Land Rover tracker; it is for all high value vehicles and is fitted with ADR tags and immobilisation. A tag must be present in the car when driving (otherwise an alert is sent to the monitoring centre) and immobilisation allows the ability for the vehicle to be immobilised from the control centre. This device also provides every time stop immobilisation after a set time.

The Meta Deadlock device provides the highest level of Insurance approved tracker targeting relay-theft, key cloning and OBD theft.

Meta Deadlock Cat 5 Features:


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