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Meta Trak DeadlockThis S5 VTS Deadlock motorhome tracker provides every time stop immobilisation. This is a Plus Category S5 system meaning it is fitted with immobilisation. Ideal for vans in storage or newer motorhomes and comes with free downloadable App. Unique tag protects against all types of theft.

Meta Trak S5 Deadlock installed for £699 (includes £169.95 worth of subscription - 1 year)

Meta Trak S5 Deadlock installed for £979 (includes £450 worth of subscription - 3 years)


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Meta Trak S5 Deadlock

The Meta Trak S5 Deadlock are the highest level of vehicle tracking systems. These are installed with immobilisation giving every time stop immobilisation. The Deadlock is a full Category S5 VTS Plus system recognised by Thatcham and therefore Insurance Approved.

Tracker Unique Tag

Tracker unique tagAs with all Category S5 systems the Deadlock comes with a unique tag. This ADR Automatic Driver Recognition tag must be present when the vehicle is on the move. Should the tag be missing an automatic alert is created and the monitoring station will begin tracking. The theft recovery procedure then starts with the centre firstly phoning the registered customer to determine the status of the van.

The Meta Trak tag is a disk type shape and comes with a split ring to attach to your car keys.

The unique tag combats relay attack, OBD port theft and key cloning. These modern forms of theft obtain control of the vehicle without the customer's car keys. In these cases thieves will not know the van needs a tag to be present.

Monitoring Fees

With the Meta Trak the first years subscription is included in the purchase price. This makes the price appear higher than it is. The subscription is set up by us before being fitted to the vehicle, providing an all in one service.

There is also a three-year subscription option available and this is also set up before installation. This is ideal for customers looking to pay only once.

With this type of registration there is not the option to upgrade or downgrade the subscription on the day. This is because the product is stocked with subscription included and registered before the customer arrives. Therefore it cannot be swapped for the other subscription.

For a comparison chart for S5 subscription costs, between the manufacturers please see the link below.

Free Tracking App

Meta Trak AppThis device comes with a free tracking App as well as a login account.

The App uses the mapping already on your phone to give limited GPS tracking. Login using a pin code and from here see essential information like vehicle battery status and voltage, if ignition is on, vehicle mileage and more. This is ideal for customers to quickly keep an eye on their asset.

More advance features can be accessed through the login account available through any browser. Here set up Geo-Fence features such as in or out of area functions.

The customer will also receive App alerts and text alerts for essential information. These include battery low alert on the ADR tag and Geo-Fence violations.

Meta Trak S5 VTS Deadlock Features:


More Information:

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