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Motorhome Security

We are Motorhome security alarm installers providing expert advice on what it is that your vehicle needs and helping you to meet vehicle insurance requirements.

Our dedicated security fitters can ensure you get the best products and often devices installed by us is less expensive than when fitted by dealers. This is because our rates are designed for standard vehicles and we do not inflate our prices because customers are in the lucrative motorhome market. When products fitted are the same as those fitted for standard vehicles, then customers will only pay more for extra parts (like protection of habitation doors via wireless sensors) and extra labour (e.g. to protect garage doors). It is worth remembering that also we are often more experienced at fitting the latest technology and can advise on the best systems available for your asset.

Thatcham Motorhome Alarm Systems

Insurance companies can vary when it comes to Thatcham motorhome alarm systems and trackers. Some will insist on a particular product or Thatcham Level, and only allow motorhomes to be insured once these products are fitted. Other insurance companies may offer reductions in premiums for different levels of protection. It is important to ask your insurance company exactly what their requirements are, as fitting the wrong product can prove expensive.

Motorhome tracking

Motorhome tracking gives added security by providing an imaginary fence around your asset. This Geo-Fence can be set up by logging into your account and setting a safe radius around the vehicle, then should the vehicle move outside of this fence the control monitoring centre will contact the owner or assume the vehicle has been stolen.

Cat S5 Motorhome trackers will automatically send an alert if a tag is not present and the vehicle is moved. We recommend Cat S5 for high value motorhomes where quick automatic notification and recovery are essential.

Motorhome Security Devices

Insurance is not the only reason customers have Motorhome security devices are fitted to their motorhomes. Some people choose an alarm simply because it is just a very good idea. These vehicles are not only highly prized and expensive vehicles targeted by thieves in their own right, but they often appeal to low level thieves looking to steal contents such as, fridges, cookers, light fittings, cushions and soft furnishings to supply a rich second-hand market. Customers may also choose a motorhome alarm system to give a feeling of safety while holidaying as these devices can have their interior sensors disabled, sometimes called 'Pet Mode' but often used to activate while sleeping.

What are the Minimum Motorhome Security Requirements?

The minimum motorhome security requirements will be dictated by your insurance company. A Thatcham Cat 1 alarm will set off a siren if intrusion is detected. A Thatcham Cat S5 vehicle tracker will alert your monitoring station if the van is moved without a unique tag present.


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Alternative products:

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