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Clifford Concept 650 alarm boxThe Clifford Concept 650 MK3 is an iconic alarm system that is often fitted when repeat customers call us. The system comes with a dual-zone proximity sensor, two new style remotes and is a full Insurance Approved Thatcham Cat 1 alarm.


Clifford Concept 650 MK3 supplied and fitted for £649 *see notes below.

Clifford G5 Concept 650

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Our Clifford G5 Concept 650 sytems are fitted with a dual zone proximity sensor.

This is an alternative way of providing security as opposed to the interior ultrasonic sensor type of system, used with most Category 1 systems. A dual zone Proximity sensor gives one bubble destined for the interior of the car, where any interior disturbance will trigger the alarm. The second bubble is larger than the vehicle and provides a 'Warn-Away' chirp if triggered. The sensitivity of both of these two sensors can be increased or decreased from the remotes, (please see link below for instructions on how to do this).

The Clifford 650 Mk3 has three programmable auxiliary outputs and all of these can provide timed functions. This allows extra G5 modules and functions to be added either at the time of installation or later.

Each device is fitted with the classic Clifford signature bright blue LED, and 650's now come with the new black coloured 5-button remotes.

Clifford Alarm System Functions

Authorised Clifford dealerThis Clifford alarm system comes with a host of standard features.

Clifford car alarms benefit from an amplified antenna, giving a longer range of activation from the remote control to the vehicle. The super heterodyne receiver may even allow you to press buttons from inside your home, however, this does depend on interference and solid barriers between car and remote.

This alarm system also comes with a two-button valet switch that allows the pin override to entered should the remotes become damaged or lost. It is then possible to purchase and programme in a new remote without having to change the whole system. Please note, it is essential that customers keep their pin code safe, should this be lost, then there is no way to retrieve the code, as for security reasons no data is retained by Clifford or installers.

Clifford 650 Feature List

Optional Extra Features

Please note extra features cost more as may involve more fitting time and / or extra modules.

Clifford 650 Alarm Remote Functions

The Clifford 650 Alarm remote has five buttons and bright blue status indicator. A simple combination of button presses can make advanced functions accessible.

Clifford Concept 650 G5 Remote Functions:

lock icon
Car Alarm Arm / Disarm
Clifford Concept 650 remote
boot release icon
Boot Release – Auxiliary output A
star icon
Remote start (if fitted)
double star icon
Silent Arm / Disarm
g5 icon then lock icon 
Auxiliary output B
g5 icon then boot release icon 
Activate SmartWindows (if fitted)
g5 icon then star icon 
Auxiliary output C
g5 icon twice, then lock icon 
Activate / Deactivate remote valet
g5 icon twice, then boot release icon 
Disable sensors
g5 icon twice, then double star icon 
Safe mode start – for manual vehicles activate autostart mode

Print version of Clifford Concept 650 remote functions table.


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* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge as some vehicles require extra time for fitting.

We can provide the Clifford 650 Mk3 Thatcham Category 1 alarm installed near Fareham for Southampton, Bournemouth, Winchester, Basingstoke, Guildford, Woking, Hampshire, Petersfield, Midhurst, Chichester, Worthing, West Sussex, Portsmouth and Romsey customers.