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Motorhome s5 car tracker for insurance

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Our insurance S5 Motorhome tracker is suitable for cars, vans, campers, American RVs and all sizes of motorhome. The system provides theft tracking automatically should a vehicle be moved without the unique tag present.

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ScorpionTrack S5 VTS supplied and installed from £450 (Plus monitoring fee)


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Thatcham Approved Motorhome Tracker for Insurance

With a Thatcham approved motorhome tracker for insurance you comply with your insurance company requirements and ensure your vehicle is covered for theft.

Tracker unique tagThe system relies on a unique tag being present when the vehicle is moved or driven. Without this tag an automatic alert is sent to the monitoring station and theft tracking commences.

Customers should check with their insurance provider which Category system is required. The one listed here is the Thatcham Category S5 VTS with unique tag but without immobilisation. See the Immobiliser S5 VTS Plus version below.

Best Value Tracking Device

This is our best value tracking device. Essentially all trackers within the same level are equal from the different manufacturers. However it is with the subscription that changes are most likely to vary.

For customers wishing to pay for monitoring upfront there is a 5-year subscription cost for £409. For customers on a budget there is also an ongoing monthly subscription available for £14.50.

For ScorpionTrack S5 devices the monitoring fees options are:

*Please note these subscription prices are correct at time of writing and may increase slightly with inflation.

These costs are the some of the lowest and this is why we encourage customers towards this brand for Category S5.

Motorhome Tracker Systems

Scorpion Track logoScorpionTrack motorhome tracker systems benefit from GPS live tracking available through a login portal with a unique password account given directly from Scorpion. Here customers can access journey reports, location and status updates.

There is also a free downloadable App allowing customers to use the mapping on their phones to give GPS live tracking and real time data relating to their vehicle.

For more details on the ScorpionTrack S5 VTS please see our main page below (first link). Here you can access the ScorpionTrack driver login screen as well as see a full list of features.

What is a Cat 5 Tracker?

A cat 5 tracker is a Thatcham approved vehicle tracking system for insurance purposes. Classifications were changed in 2019 so now a Cat 5 is either a Category S5 VTS or a Category S5 VTS Plus. These systems use a unique tag that must be present when driving.


More Information:

Read more about the Scorpion Insurance S5 car Tracker this device is bases on.

Read more from our FAQ about Thatcham classifications for Cat 5 and recent changes.

See a comparison chart for S5 tracking systems monitoring costs.


Alternative Products:

Read about the next device up on the vehicle tracking scale our S5 Plus Motorhome tracking system with immobilisation.

See details of the Pandora Camper Pro full alarm system with login account.


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