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Viper 106v Immobiliser in BoxThe Viper 106v immobiliser comes with two Touch-key tags. Press the tag to the receptacle to disengage the system and be able to drive. This device is ideal for Fords and other keyless entry vehicles, where Relay Attack is common.

Viper 106v supplied and fitted for £349* (See notes below) RRP £399

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Touch-Key Immobiliser

This is a Touch-key Immobiliser where a hand-held tag is pressed against a receptacle before driving. The tags are unique to the installed system, where a new tag must be programmed in before it can be used.

The 106v is a Thatcham Category 2: Electronic Immobiliser suitable for UK car Insurance compliance. Meaning the device has been submitted to for testing to Cat 2 standards. Being on the Thatcham list means customers could possibly gain Insurance discounts – please contact your Insurance company for more information (it may be worth asking?).

Viper 106v receptacleThatcham Cat 2 devices are either Transponder or Touch-key and the system choice is usually dictated by the vehicle age. However, we can advise you on the best system for your car make and model.

All Touch-key Immobilisers provide the same functionality although the tag and receptacle may vary in shape.

What is Relay Attack?

This system targets Relay Attack common for modern keyless cars. If the tag is not present then the car immobiliser remains active. This prevents the vehicle from being driven should a relay booster interrupt the key communication with the car.

Carrying a separate tag is a basic idea now used by the best vehicle security systems. These include Cat S5 Trackers and Pandora Car Alarm systems. The Viper 106v is a very basic system with no electronic signals to be interrupted or scanned.

Viper 106v
 touch key immobiliserAs well as targeting Relay Attack this separate tag idea also targets Key theft, Key Cloning, and OBD Theft. However, to be effective with Key Theft the tag must be kept separate from the car keys.

Ford Immobiliser

As a simple Ford Immobiliser this product is ideal. We often see this product recommended to others on various Forums and group chats. The Viper 106v compliments the keyless entry systems giving peace of mind for a cherish car.

This immobiliser is also the system of choice for Clifford purists. Viper and Clifford are made by the same company, and with no Clifford Immobiliser in the range, the Viper is a great alternative.

Viper Immobiliser Tag

viper 106v immobilizer in handThe Viper Immobiliser tag is designed to be as small as possible. Each has a three pin connection that can be seen on the tag and the receptacle – see picture above. There is also a raised tab on one side, and this is deliberately in place to ensure the tag can only be inserted one way round.

Immobiliser Auto-Arming

As with all Thatcham Immobiliser systems the Viper will activate after a dormant period of time. This Auto-Arming follows the ignition being turned off for 30 seconds and means that if you have been sat in the vehicle, with the engine off then the Touch-key will need to be touched again, before driving.

Viper 106v Replacement Touch-Key

We can supply a replacement Touch-key for the Viper 106v. Programming in a new key is done while the system is deactivated. The easiest way to do this is by deactivating the system with a working key, and for this reason we recommend have one key for use and one spare. If one key is lost, then a new one can be programmed in easily using the LED on the receptacle. We can supply a new key and instructions for programming this to your system is in the Owner’s Guide.

The maximum number of keys that can be programmed into the Viper 106v is three. This also means that if customers are concerned about a new tag being programmed in at servicing, then obtaining a third key will stop this from being a possibility.

Pin Override Function

viper 106v user manualThe 106v has a pin override function. This can be done with a series of ignition on and off sequences depending on your individual pin code given at the time of installation. Full instructions are given in the Viper 106v Owner’s Guide given in your security pack.


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More Information

See a general Dragon Roundup Car Immobilisers - types and functions video.


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It is worth noting that all Category 1 Car Alarm Systems have an immobiliser to Category 2 level, included as standard. Read more on the Pandora Mini BT alarm.

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This device typically takes about two hours to install, however the time taken depends on the car and in rare cases the vehicle may be required for longer. Customers are welcome to wait in our dedicated area with free Wi-Fi and phone charging points. See our 'Contact Us' page for things to do while waiting.


* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge

We can provide the Viper 106v Immobiliser fitted in Fareham for Bournemouth, Poole, Ringwood, New Forest, Andover, Hindhead, Farnham, Alton, Salisbury, Petersfield, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset to West Sussex customers.