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Smartrack insurance tracker

SmarTrack Protector Pro Global S7 ALS Thatcham approved tracker

The Smartrack Protector Pro Global is an S7 ALS Asset Location System and is the entry level device. Gives online account with login access or customers can download a free App. Subscription discounts for multiple years and a one off 'Duration' possible.

SmarTrack S7 ALS supplied and fitted for £299 plus monitoring fee.

Smartrack Protector Pro – Fitted Fareham

Smartrack LogoWe can expertly install this system in Fareham for Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, West Sussex and Hampshire customers. It is an Insurance Approved device for cars and vans, and once installed subscription can be made by Direct Debit for an ongoing fee of £12.50 per month, per vehicle.

ALS means a Entry Level Device

The Protector Pro Global is a Thatcham Approved S7 ALS which is an entry level device. This gives automatic protection against lifting and towing, however more modern types of theft may require the owner informing the Monitoring Station that the car has been stolen.

Please check with your Insurance company which device they require as these systems cannot be upgraded later.

Expert Fitting with Covert Installation

These devices are expertly fitted into vehicles in such a way that makes them look like the original wiring of the car.

Security is also naturally provided by choosing different hidden locations that can vary with the vehicle.

We also install devices covertly. This means that customers cannot view the installation or the device being installed.

These measures provide extra security to the vehicle. This lack of public knowledge makes it more difficult for a potential thief to know if device is fitted at all, what type of system it is or where it is located.

GPS Asset Location System

A GPS Asset Location System with a subscription to a manned Monitoring Station is often an Insurance requirement for new cars. These devices are looked after 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and European cover included in the monitoring fee.

The monitoring service is a requirement for insurance companies and ensures vehicle protection is maintained at all times. Each Monitoring station has dedicated procedures in place, if a theft should take place, and automatically begin their recovery procedures.

Battery Alerts

Devices are high performance with an automatic 30 day health check self-test. Systems also provide battery disconnect alerts to the command centre and battery low text alerts by text to a nominated customer phone.

Transferable Device

Protector Pro devices are fully transferrable to new vehicles provided this is carried out by a Smartrack approved installer. All approved installers must be vetted by Smartrack and show ongoing competence as new systems are installed.

Realistically we have found that customers often leave these devices in vehicles as they upgrade. The cost of taking out a system and then reinstalling means that no real savings are made. It is therefore much better to have a new one fitted and this is guaranteed to be the latest version.

Global Telemetrics Monitoring Station

The Protector Pro Global is provided by Smartrack, a company owned by Global Telemetrics. We have found this company to be excellent in providing robust products with great customer support.

Global Telemetrics also provide monitoring for other companies allowing their products to be renamed for other company branding purposes.

Monitoring Subscription Fees

The annual monitoring subscription costs for this device is £149. The subscription is slightly higher than for Level 2 Category S5 Vehicle Tracking Systems. There are reductions available for two or three year options if paid in one lump sum.

Global Telemetrics are the only company to offer a 'Duration' payment. Here a one-off fee can be paid which covers the lifetime of the device. Please be aware that this cannot be transferred to a new car or to a new car owner if the vehicle is sold.

Smartrack Protector Pro Features


More Information:

Learn about Global Telemetrics Vehicle Tracker App to download and view your asset for free.

Compare yearly costs with our Category S7 ALS subscription costs comparison table.


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We can install this Smartrack Category S7 ALS near Fareham for Chichester, Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst, Hayling Island, Hampshire, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Worthing, Horsham, Crawley, Shoreham-by-Sea and West Sussex areas.