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Clifford blackjax g5 anti hijack system

Clifford BlackJax Immobiliser - Anti-Hijacking System

0% FinanceClifford BlackJax is an anti-hijacking system immobiliser suitable for all cars, for non-CANBus and semi-CANBus vehicles. This device works by putting in a code (can be changed by customer) on a two-button keypad before driving.

Clifford BlackJax £399 499 if dball2 required - dependent on car) supplied and installed*

Classic Vehicle Security

This vehicle security device has been around for some time and was mainly aimed at the US market. However, this type of product has become more relevant to the UK in recent times, as specific vehicles have become targeted by thieves.

Clifford Premium InstallerClifford BlackJax is ideal for most vehicles but is particularly useful for non-CANBus and semi-CANBus Cars. It works by putting in a number code via a 2-button keypad each time the car is to be driven. Customers push one button to perform as a menu selector, and the second button is pushed continually to enter that number, repeated until the entire code is entered.

Should somebody attempt to drive the vehicle without the pin code, the vehicle will start normally and allow it to be driven a safe distance away. Clifford BlackJax then begins to activate the immobiliser, gently slowing the car until a full stop is achieved. At the same time the indicators will flash and the siren sounds. The vehicle cannot be restarted, the siren and flashes continue and can only be stopped by inputting the correct pin code. This system is designed to encourage the thief to 'run away' and hence allow the car to be recovered immediately with a minimum amount of red tape.

Clifford Anti-Hijack Features

This Clifford anti-hijack system can be installed as a stand-alone product, or can be installed at the same time as a suitable Clifford or Viper alarm.

The system also benefits from being a product that does not require an ongoing subscription.

Customers should be aware that the BlackJax is not Thatcham Approved and is unlikely to benefit from insurance discounts. In most cases Insurance companies will either ask for a Category 1 vehicle alarm or a Thatcham Approved tracking system.


* Vehicle may require additional modules and/or extra fitting, please enquire for full price.


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We can supply and install Clifford BlackJax near Fareham for Southampton, Portsmouth, New Forest, Basingstoke, Winchester, Ringwood, Guildford, Hindhead, Petersfield, Waterlooville, Havant, Hampshire, Midhurst, Chichester, Worthing, West Sussex to Bournemouth areas.