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We can provide your Cat 1 motorhome alarm fitted near Fareham for Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester, Winchester, Petersfield, Worthing, Hampshire and West Sussex customers. This is an Autowatch 695 upgrade alarm ideal for modern CANBus vans and is vehicle dependent. We can advise you if this is a suitable product for your make, model and age vehicle.

Autowatch 695 supplied and fitted for £499* (see notes below)

Wireless reed switch £65 each, Wireless PIR £75, Extra Alarm Remote £55

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Thatcham Motorhome Alarm Fitted

Cat 1 motorhome alarmWe can supply the Autowatch 695 Thatcham motorhome alarm fitted with reed switches for habitation doors and garage doors. This is necessary if the alarm is being fitted for Insurance purposes, as all points of entry to the vehicle must be protected if the system is to maintain Thatcham Approval. A wireless reed switch provides a permanent contact between the door and the frame, triggering the alarm if the door is opened and the contact is broken.

Our wireless reed switches, allow this function to be provided without disturbing the interior build of the vehicle, although customers should be aware that they are battery operated and we suggest batteries are renewed each year.

Wireless reed switches are provided at a cost of £65 each.

Ultrasonic Sensor Protection

The main alarm uses ultrasonic sensors fitted in the front cabin area. These send and receive a signal, while armed, and any obstruction interfering with this process triggers the alarm. Depending on the vehicle, it may be possible to temporarily disable these sensors and put the system into 'pet mode'. Read more on this from our main Autowatch 695-page link below.

Additional PIR Sensor

Wirless PIR Sensor for MotorhomeFor some vehicle layouts a PIR sensor is an optional extra. This provides an additional input to the alarm device, sensing movement within the main interior of the motorhome, should entry be made via a window or skylight. PIRs are very sensitive and once the system has been triggered the alarm will continue to sound even if the PIR is then broken.

A PIR sensor is installed at an extra cost of £75.

Upgrade Motorhome Alarm

The Autowatch 695 is an upgrade motorhome alarm device. It is ideal for more modern CANBus vehicles with a centralised electrical circuit driving all electronic systems within the van. Most vehicles built after 2010 have CANBus wiring, however this was dependent on make, model, and manufacturer choices. Around this period there was also a transition period where some vehicles had some features.

Expert Motorhome Alarm Installers

We are expert motorhome alarm installers with a history of fitting Insurance Approved system to a wide range of motorhomes, van conversions and caravans. We can advise the best system for you and your vehicle and know if you require a CANBus or non-CANBus alarm system.

Additional Remote for Alarm

Customers also have the option of buying a dedicated remote for the alarm. This may be useful if only one full button remote was supplied when the vehicle was purchased. This is becoming more common as manufacturers cut costs and supply one full remote and one back-up key.

In this instance a second alarm remote is useful so that if the original full button remote is lost or broken, the alarm can still be disable with the secondary alarm remote. The van can then be opened and driven by the back-up key. It is then up to the customer to purchase a new full button remote from the vehicle manufacturer to return to full functionality.

Extra alarm remotes are provided at a cost of £55.


Autowatch 695 Features:


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* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge for certain vehicles.

We can provide an Insurance Approved Cat 1 Thatcham alarm for motorhome fitted near Fareham for Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester, Winchester, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Newbury, Petersfield, Worthing, Bognor Regis, Horsham, Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Dorset, Somerset, Surry, Kent, Berkshire, Devon and Cornwall customers.