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Thatcham Cat 5 Cat S5 Differences - Vehicle Tracking Devices

Thatcham have change classifications for Cat S5 and Cat S7 vehicle tracking devices.

Last updated - July 2019

Clifford Concept 650 Remote Sensor Adjustment

How to adjust sensitivity of Proximity and Warn-Away sensors from hand-held remote.

Last updated - May 2019

Pandora alarm control from mobile phone

How to access a Pandora alarm by using a mobile phone keypad

Last updated - October 2018

How to enter a code on a Pandora valet button switch

Pandora valet button switch input sequence instructions

Last updated - October 2018

Pandora Alarm Error Codes

Pandora alarm error (trigger) codes

Last updated - October 2018

Autowatch 457 Alarm Report Back Trigger codes

The Autowatch 457 alarm will indicate if the system has been triggered. This is done by giving flashes when next disarming the vehicle.

Last updated - September 2016

Scorpion SA30 Error Codes

The system will chirp one to seven times to indicate what triggered the error code. Use this table to find out what has happened.

Last updated - September 2016

Clifford Arrow 5.1 Triggers

If three chirps are heard then refer to this table to find out what has gone wrong and triggered the alarm.

Last updated - September 2016

Clifford Arrow Add New Remotes

Add a new remote to the Clifford Arrow 5.1

Last updated - September 2016