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Shadow Immobiliser

The Shadow Immobiliser is a versatile immobiliser designed for all types of cars and vans. It is an App based immobiliser that requires no subscription. Create immobilisation schedules and manage settings through the App.

Shadow Immobiliser supplied and fitted for £499* (Please see notes below)

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How it Works

shadow immobiliser imageThis is a stand alone system that immobilises the vehicle by dead locking it. This automatically takes place without user intervention, 90 seconds after the engine is switched off.

To restart the car you simply press a button on the card before driving.

The Shadow is suitable for all types of vehicles including classic cars, hybrid, electric cars, motorhomes and plant vehicles.

The device can also be fitted with a tracking system for Insurance compliance.

The Card Tag

The card is the size of a credit card and is designed to be carried in your wallet or purse.

This card acts like a tag programmed to the immobiliser fitted in the car. By pressing a button contained in the card the immobiliser is deactivated and the car can be started normally.

Each card has two metal contacts at the top and these provide a means of recharging the card. Simply use the supplied crocodile clip to clamp onto the two contacts and this is connected to a lead and 240v plug for easy recharging.

The card has a multicoloured LED light contained on it. The LED is blue for deactivating the Immobiliser. It will indicate when the card needs recharging and if on charge when it is fully charged.

Should you forget to charge the card then 30 minutes will give a full charge and return the card to full usage.

The Shadow is supplied with 2 cards. However new cards can be purchased directly from Smartrack and added to your account.

The Shadow Immobiliser App

The Shadow Immobiliser is all about the App and it can be downloaded free, from the Android play store or Apple App store.

Once installed on your phone or tablet system settings can be accessed.

Shaddow immobiliser app settings

Here you can set schedules for activation of the device. For example you can allow the shadow to become active at 6pm to 8am and use the car normally during the day time. This is ideal for people with driveways or similar, who do not wish to carry the card in the daytime. Please remember however, that if the device is deactivated it will not protect the vehicle from being stolen until reactivated again.

With this App you can also view Shadow driver card current battery levels, and also update your account details.

Unique to the Shadow is the ability to access a very basic form of tracking. This is not updated at the same frequency of a standard tracking system but will allow basic location or last known location to be seen.

The App uses the Global Telemetrics system designed for their Insurance approved tracking systems and the App is therefore constantly updated when phone systems are changed.

Shadow Immoibiliser add schedule

The App will also allow multiple devices to be accessed from the same login account and is ideal for single or multiple cars in storage.

Invisible Car Security

With this immobiliser there is no sign that a system is fitted. It has no visible lights or receptors fitted in the dash and only you will know that it is fitted and active.

If a thief does gain entry to the vehicle they will not know why the car won't start and even if they suspect an immobiliser is fitted, they will now know what type they are looking for. Most thieves do not have the skills or the time to determine how to bypass unknown immobilisation and this means in most cases they will give up and move on to another vehicle.  

Not Insurance Approved

This system is not Thatcham Approved and therefore cannot be used for car Insurance compliance. If a system is required for Insurance purposes we recommend the Pandora Mini BT car alarm with Immobilisation or the Pandora Smart Pro with online services for an all round system.


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Alternative products:

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* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge for certain vehicles.

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