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What is the difference between Thatcham Cat 5 and Thatcham Cat S5?

The previous Cat 5 is now the new Cat S5 and Cat S5 immobiliser sometimes called plus. Thatcham Research UK updated their classifications for vehicle tracking systems in 2018 changing Cat 5 to Cat S5.

What does Cat S5 VTS mean?

Thatcham Category S5 Vehicle Tracking System. Thatcham Research regulates car safety and security in the UK, a product having Cat S5 status means it has been tested and can be fitted for car insurance compliance.

What does Cat S7 ALS mean?

Thatcham Category S7 Asset Location System. Minimum vehicle tracking system that can be fitted for UK car insurance compliance, securely monitored 24/7/365 by subscription with high recovery rate if reported stolen.

What is the difference between Thatcham Cat S5 and Cat S7?

Cat S7 is the basic vehicle tracking system and Cat S5 is for high value or cherish vehicles. ADR tags are compulsory with Cat S5 systems and need to be in the car when driven.

What is the difference between Thatcham Cat S5 and Cat S5 Plus or Immobiliser?

Thatcham Category S5 is split into two groups: Cat S5 and Cat S5 Immobiliser sometimes called plus. The plus adds an additional level of security enabling the vehicle to be immobilised remotely from the secure monitoring station.

What does Thatcham VTS stand for?

Vehicle Tracking System associated with Thatcham Research Category S5 device compliance. Relies on an ADR tag being in the car when driven. Without the tag present the secure monitoring station automatically begins tracking the vehicle.

What does Thatcham ALS mean?

Asset Location System associated with Thatcham Research approved Cat S7 car tracking devices. Basic system that relies on the customer informing the secure monitoring centre that the car has been stolen and to commence tracking.

What does a vehicle tracking ADR stand for?

Automatic Driver Recognition tags must be present when a Cat S5 tracker is fitted to a car, otherwise an alert is sent to the monitoring station. A change to the specification for Cat S5 2019 is that these tags are now produced with a hole for a split ring and are allowed to be carried attached to customers' main car key. This indicates a change of security focus towards relay theft, key cloning and OBD theft.  

Is a Cat 6 Still Insurance Approved?

Thatcham Category 6 tracking systems were deleted from their UK classifications in 2018. The Cat 6 has been replaced by the Cat S7 specification and is the entry level vehicle tracking device, Cat S5 and Cat S5 + give second and third levels of protection (see picture above). All previously fitted Cat 6 devices can continue to be monitored and are insurance approved as if the device is a Cat S7.

What does Smartrack DRS stand for?

DRS Driver Recognition System is Smartrack’s version of Thatcham’s ADR Automatic Driver Recognition and if you read the words you can see that they mean the same thing. DRS means a unique tag needs to be in the vehicle to avoid an alert being sent to the monitoring station.


Last updated - July 2019