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Clifford connect 5 tracker

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The Clifford Connect 5 tracker is a Thatcham Approved Cat S5 system suitable for high value or cherish cars. This system is the highest level of vehicle tracker available and can be integrated to work with a Clifford alarm system.

Supplied and installed for £759 (Monitoring fee £199 per vehicle per year)

GPS for Vehicle with Clifford Alarm Integration

Clifford Connect 5 featuresThis system will give GPS for your vehicle with the possibility of Clifford alarm integration. The Connect 5 plus is Ideal for cars, vans, HGVs and motorhomes. It can be fitted to 12 and 24 volt vehicles and as it is waterproof can also be installed on plant or other open vehicles. This system is designed for high value assets where quick recovery is a priority and may be required for insurance purposes.

Thatcham Approved car trackers are tested before being released into the UK marketplace; they also require expert fitting to ensure all features are installed correctly. We are Clifford main dealers and have experienced with all Clifford and Viper products supplied under the 'Directed' parent US company brand.

If your UK insurer asks for a Cat S5, then they are asking for the most secure tracking system. This means that your make and model of vehicle have been associated with a Cat S5 and is usually consistent across all UK insurance companies. This then becomes the minimum standard for your vehicle.

Clifford tracker systems can be used in collaboration with Clifford alarm integration. Should your alarm be triggered then an alert is sent to the monitoring centre and they then establish the state of the car. This feature can be set up at the time of installation or can be integrated to work with an existing suitable alarm, for an additional fitting cost.

Subscription for the Clifford Cat S5 is £199 per vehicle, per year, with the possibility of paying three years in advance for £570. There is also the ability to pay for a one-off 'Duration' payment (requires same vehicle and same owner) of £599. Customers can also choose to pay the yearly subscription by Direct Debit from £16.99 per month. These costs can all be arranged through the Global Telemetrics monitoring company.

Clifford Tracker Features:


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We can supply your Clifford Connect 5 installed near Fareham for Portsmouth, Southampton, Romsey, New Forest, Alton, Hindhead, Petersfield, Waterlooville, Havant, Hampshire, Midhurst, Emsworth, Chichester, Worthing, West Sussex to Bournemouth customers.