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Pandora Alarm Control from a Mobile Phone

This table provides information for Pandora alarm control from a mobile phone. Once your phone is paired with the alarm SIM the device will remember your phone number and accept instructions from your keypad. Customers simply phone the alarm SIM and wait for a reply. From here the sequence of keypad presses will perform the functions listed below.

Should a vehicle be stolen along with your mobile phone, then customers can use any phone to make a call to the alarm SIM (you need to memorise the number). Connection from a non-paired phone will require the security pin number of the alarm, given at alarm installation, to be entered (also needs to be memorised) before the alarm SIM will allow the functions below to be accepted.

Customers need to remember to keep their alarm pay-as-you-go SIM topped up for connection to be possible.

These abilities are only available to Smart Pro and Pandora Elite car alarm systems.


Pandora Alarm Control from a Mobile Phone *

hash icon
Menu return to previous state (help voice menu)
star icon
Repeat last message (send)
one iconstar icon
zero iconstar icon
one iconzero iconstar icon
Silent arming
zero iconzero iconstar icon
Silent disarming
one iconone iconstar icon
Active security mode
nine iconstar icon
zero iconnine iconstar icon
Event History
zero iconzero iconseven iconstar icon
Switch on interior microphone
one iconzero iconzero iconstar icon
Request GSM account balance
one icontwo iconthree iconstar icon
Start the engine
three icontwo iconone iconstar icon
Stop the engine
five iconzero iconzero iconstar icon
Request current coordinates (reply sent via text message)
one iconfive iconsix iconstar icon
Switch on engine preheater
six iconfive iconone iconstar icon
Switch off engine preheater
four iconfive iconsix iconstar icon
Switch on additional channel
six iconfive iconfour iconstar icon
Switch off additional channel
seven iconeight iconnine iconstar icon
Engine automatic engine start
nine iconeight iconseven iconstar icon
Disable automatic engine start
six iconsix iconsix iconstar icon
Enable engine blocking
nine iconnine iconnine iconstar icon
Disable engine blocking
two iconfive iconeight iconstar icon
System information
nine iconnine iconeight iconstar icon
Disable immobiliser and Anti-Hijack
eight iconeight iconeight iconstar icon
Enable immobiliser and Anti-Hijack
two icontwo icontwo iconstar icon
Disable hands free mode
two icontwo iconthree iconstar icon
Enable hands free arming
two icontwo iconfour iconstar icon
Enable hands free disarming
two icontwo iconfive iconstar icon
Enable hands free disarming only with automatic start
seven iconfive iconthree iconstar icon
Force connection to the online service


* Please note some of these functions can be alarm dependent, car dependent or may need to be set up at installation.


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Last updated - October 2018