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Here is a list of the Pandora alarm error codes or trigger indicators. These are the same for all alarms in the range and indicate errors that need to be dealt with or triggers that have set off the alarm.

Pandora Alarm Error (Trigger) Codes

Incessant sound and light signals for 30 seconds Alarm mode, PANIC mode
1 beep / 1 light flash Arming
2 beeps / 2 light flashes Disarming
4 beeps / 4 light flashes (Sensor triggered) signal when disarming
4 beeps / 4 light flashes (Sensor triggered) signal when arming
3 beeps Sensor warning level triggered
5 beeps / 5 light flashes (Car search)


These give the customer (and us) an idea of where to investigate if the alarm has gone off unexpectedly.

(Please note these codes are incorrect on the manual page of at least one Pandora alarm!)

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Last updated - October 2018