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Error Codes

When returning to your vehicle and disarming the car, if the device was trigged while armed then the system will indicate what triggered the alarm. This will be a number of chirps as shown in the table below. These give the customer (and us) an idea of where to investigate if the alarm has gone off unexpectedly.

If an error alarm condition has been generated this will stay in memory until the vehicle is next armed. This means that on first disarming the vehicle you can turn off the ignition to enable the error code to be repeated by the number of times, now with flashes replacing chirps. The siren will only chirp on first diarming, but after that you can sit in the car and benefit from the system just giving flashes on the status indicator light.

Scorpion SA30 Error Codes

1 Chirp Door
2 Chirps Boot/Bonnet
3 Chirps Shock Sensor
4 Chirps Interior Utrasonic Sensor
5 Chirps Ignition Detection
6 Chirps Voltage Drop Detection
7 Chirps Optional Sensors



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Last updated - September 2016