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Our Motorhome Alarm and Sensor Package is for modern motorhomes. It comes with an Autowatch 695 2-1 upgrade alarm, wireless habitation door sensor, and extra alarm remote.

Motorhome Security Package supplied and fitted for £525 *see notes below.

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Motorhome Upgrade Alarm

The main part of this package is the motorhome upgrade alarm system. This is a Thatcham Approved Category 2-1: Upgrade Alarm suitable for Insurance compliance.

Modern motorhomes are manufactured with a Category 2 Immobiliser that meets Thatcham Standards. The 2-1 Upgrade alarm turns this Cat 2 into a full alarm system meeting Thatcham Category 1 standards. The alarm therefore uses the original van remote to arm and disarm the alarm and unlock the cabin doors at the same time.

CANBus Motorhome Wiring

Cat 1 motorhome alarmCars and motorhomes now use a central wiring system for all the wiring of the vehicle. This is call a CANBus system and also controls auxiliary functions like cabin air conditioning and cruise control, if fitted. The CANBus system reduces the wiring necessary in a vehicle and generally gives overall improvement.

The 2-1: Upgrade Alarm works with the original van wiring. These devices are loosely given the name ‘Digital Alarms’. For older Motorhomes without CANBus wiring a full ‘Analogue Alarm’ is necessary, for example the Autowatch 457 RLi alarm.

Autowatch 695 Alarm

Typically we use an Autowatch 695 digital alarm. However, the choice of main device may be substituted for another if product availability is problematic (i.e. due to chip shortages or delays in supply). All of the alarms that fall into this Thatcham category are similar with small differences in device sizes and types of siren.

It is also worth noting that the main device used is not a dedicated motorhome alarm system as it is the same device used for cars and other vehicles.

Habitation Door Sensor

The first part of this package is the inclusion of a habitation door sensor. This function is necessary for A Class Motorhomes, Coach Built motorhomes and van converted builds.

It is essential that this main living access door is protected. The habitation door also provides easy access to the driving cabin and this is where the alarm ‘brain’ is hidden.

In almost all cases the habitation door will not be protected through the CAN and therefore must be added to the alarm system.

camper wireless door sensorWe use wireless sensors for this function. They are small, magnetic, reed contact switches that send a signal to the alarm should contact be lost (the door is opened). The sensors are wireless and therefore do not require wiring to be routed through the van build. This means we do not need to drill holes or display unsightly cables.

The sensors require a battery that needs to be replaced to work. We recommend customers change this small cell-type battery each Spring.

If the van has other doors that give access to the main area they will also need protecting. For example if a garage door leads to a crawl space under the bed then we recommend another wireless door sensor is installed. This is essential if the door gives access to the cabin area but extra door sensors are also optional for gas bottle doors, bike storage areas or similar.

Extra Autowatch 695 Alarm Remote

The second part of this package is the extra alarm remote. This is a standard Autowatch 4-button remote, which comes as standard on analogue alarm systems.

This dedicated alarm remote is ideal as backup should there be a problem with the van central locking. It allows the alarm to be disabled and access to the vehicle to be done using the blade key.

This is especially useful for the 2021 onwards Fiat Ducato. Now new vans only come with one fully functioning remote key and one skeleton backup key. This means that if the main remote becomes lost or broken then the extra alarm remote can be used with the blade, skeleton while arranging for a new remote. In this instance the alarm remote will disarm the alarm and the blade key will open the doors and start the van as a pair.

Once a new fully functioning van remote is purchased, from the main dealer, no further alarm programming is necessary. This is because the alarm works through the CAN and it will automatically recognise the new remote.

Motorhome Security Package

So to recap: this motorhome security package comes with an Autowatch 695 alarm system, one habitation door sensor, and one dedicated Autowatch alarm remote. This security package is ideal for newer CANBus driven motorhomes and will turn your Cat 2 immobiliser into a full Thatcham Approved Cat 1 alarm.


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* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge for certain vehicles.

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